PS4: Too Little, Too Early

Gi - What is up with Sony jumping the gun on their next-gen console? Well, it is not necessarily jumping the gun… The timing is just about right. Late 2013 is a very appropriate time for the next generation of gaming consoles to come out. But, it has been a month now since Sony announced the PS4 and gave its “details” about how it’s going to change the future of gaming, and the “details” were sparse and pretty unsatisfying.

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dadeisvenm1701d ago

Isn't that the point of being "early"? The "vague details" give developers enough to know what they are working with and puts pressure on the other platform holders to one up or follow suit.

SynGamer1701d ago

The "author" of the article clearly doesn't understand journalism, nor the gaming industry. The fact that he's still writing about the PS4 essentially negates any points he brings up.

If it was too early/too little, no one would be talking about it ;)

bad naruto1701d ago

it's either "Too Little Too Early" or "Too Little Too Late".

PS4 will prevail.

Britainz-Fin3st1701d ago

That would happen regardless, id imagine the devs have had their kits for some time now.

I dont think it is early either. Its been a long generation and they're second to announce the next console.

By saying ps4 announcment is early what does that say for the Wii u ?

pangitkqb1701d ago

SynGamer, you said it beautifully. Not only is this "article" silly, it's very existence is laughably ironic. Apparently the "too little" Sony has revealed was more than enough for this and COUNTLESS other articles, discussions, and coverage.

Fil1011701d ago

lol, in a nutshell... "yes". Stupid article.

Mounce1701d ago

Pretty much, it's like, oh hey....Author..

Tell that to the fucking gigantic HYPE TRAIN that's everywhere -_-

HammadTheBeast1701d ago

Wtf. This guy is just begging for hits. He twisted this phrase to make it double negative, which doesn't even make sense.

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MariaHelFutura1701d ago

After 7 years is not too early.

Saigon1701d ago

I honestly think Sony gave enough information overall in Feb. For GDC, they gave even more information, which is plenty to suite my taste buds. If you noticed, the content given is more structural, which is very understandable. Sony seems to want people to know what the system is capable of doing. This information is more for developers and enthusiast interested in this content. If this info does not at least wet your taste buds than you only care about the gaming system; and there is nothing wrong with that.

In the article the author should have made this clear from the door. I say this because later he says, 'where is the physical system', and I stopped reading after that.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1701d ago

"Sony announced the PS4 and gave its “details” about how it’s going to change the future of gaming, and the “details” were sparse and pretty unsatisfying."

After that I quit reading.

Mr_cheese1701d ago

its time to down vote the website quality and a bubble for you ;)

MYSTERIO3601701d ago

I think Sony were a bit to hasty, as awesome as they're event was a bit to much info was shown especially to the prying eyes of their competitors. Now MS have enough time to implement the same features as them and unlikely as it is add more.

If Sony announced all this at E3 it would of blown everyone away and hijacked MS launch if indeed they intended to stay with same pay subscription model with minimal improvements. As much as im excited about the new PS4 features i cant help but think MS are taking detailed notes.

T21701d ago

In business you dont sit around and wait to see how your competitors are going to do something ... Ask blackberry how it works

MYSTERIO3601701d ago

@joecanada Im not saying Sony should of waited for MS, im simply saying if they had waited for E3 along with MS they could of delivered a much more damaging blow(especially if MS barely changed their service). With all the leaked features and specs MS are bound to try and copy.

I'm sure the mobile market is different as companies usually show their specs and features within max 1 months of launch. Sony are waiting until the fall which gives MS enough time. Im just voicing concern that's all.

Navick1701d ago


I'm not sure if you noticed but Sonys Press Video was the most watched video that month. There are even some 360 owners talking about purchasing a PS4. Whether their minds will change when Microsoft reveal their system, we'll have to wait and see. Sony has created a hype train of great magnitude and it is smashing the sh*t out of the Internet right now. I have friends who are die hard Microsoft fans and they have been to gamespot and added their names to the PS4 first to know list. Another thing you don't realize is that it wasn't set in stone when Microsoft were going to announce their console. Sony decided one thing and that was that they were taking the first shot (I truly and honestly do not consider WiiU as next gen). Now I can only see great things coming from this. If like you said Microsoft took notes then it will just make it a much more competitive next gen and that's exactly what we need. We need the big 3 to stay competitive and we will always have great games to play.

T21701d ago

@ mysterio - I know what you are saying but you dont just pop components and tech in and out of a machine like ps4 ... The developers need it to start ... Therefore Sony really cant wait and wouldnt ... They have e3 to trumpet games , show console , run demos ,etc ... If ms wants to start at square one in June go ahead ... Are developers raving about their system ? No
Ms is smart but they are losing ground at an astonishing pace. How many games will they actually have if they launched November ?

And finally , rumours are bad . Sony pretty much confirmed every GOOD rumour about their system. Ms now must do at least the same and thats a lot of pressure

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MrBeatdown1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

My threshold for stupidity tolerance must be higher than yours. I managed to make it to this gem before giving up...

"Will you have to throw away your PS3 games?"

HammadTheBeast1701d ago

Every time you buy a PS4, the self destruct chip they packaged into every Ps3 model starts a countdown sequence....

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Why o why1701d ago

thank god this guy isnt a developer ..... the ones who had even earlier access. . my opinion on his is that he's a miserable guy that thinks he's entitled to more of everything. We all undoubtedly want more but this is the tech and marketing world we're in.

Godmars2901701d ago

If the system is coming out this year how is it too early?

rezzah1701d ago

The information is considered to be revealed too early because not everything was said on stage.

He expects everything to be revealed at once, like what MS is probably going to do.

Brings up BC, the actual PS4 case, and some other info not being revealed.

A really pointless opinion piece.

Rhythmattic1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

"Too Little, Too Early"

Bet thats what his partner said in bed.....