Moby Dick Studios reference solved - website offline

Other than being one big ruse to blur the lines between what is real and what is speculated, the Swedish based Moby Dick Studios has not been mentioned since the reveal of the new trailer.

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bunt-custardly1913d ago

A good piece of viral advertising which certainly got tongues wagging. Well played Kojima.

majiebeast1913d ago

Except everyone knew it was a hoax minutes after the vga trailer.

ShadesMoolah1913d ago

Teases and what not - this game should be nothing short of monstrously satisfying.

Sev1913d ago

I think anyone who sees this trailer should be able to make the Ishmael and Moby Dick connection.

InMyOpinion1913d ago

No one has mentioned the fact that it's multiplat. I found that quite shocking tbh.

Cryptcuzz1913d ago

Yeah I can clearly see the icons for Xbox and PS3 at the end of one of the clips.

Another thing that is shocking is if this is for the current gen, I would be truly amazed at the level Hideo Kojima was able to achieve in terms of graphics.

This game looks like it is a next gen game! That's how good it looks. Am I the only one that feels this way?

DanyBrown1913d ago

no i also think it looks too good to be on this gen though he did say it was running on a pc

Cryptcuzz1913d ago

That is what I am thinking as well.

If it is running on a PC during the whole presentation, I wonder how the current gen versions would look like.

I hope there would be a current gen version, PC version, as well as for next gen.

CEOSteveBallmer1913d ago

So Where are those dudes so convinced that Moby DIck CEO Joakim Mogren is CGI?? Embarassed of their own stupidity?? Almost everyone knew its just a real dude in bandages. They are just promoting photorealism but not yet at that level since hollywood can't yet reach that. Dont give me references to Image metrics because that is still noticeable CGI. I watched the whole GDC conference and I really was amazed at their FOX engine, But still not "Joakim mogren real" And Im amazed that the engine is running on "Current Gen" hardware. maybe they could also use it on next gen.