Diablo 3 features highlighted for PS3 version

Diablo 3 on the PC has become a popular title among fans and it looks like this game will be branching out to satisfy console owners who have been questioning rumours about this title making its way to gaming consoles. According to reports this won’t just be a mediocre port of the PC version, as this version will involve hellfire and brimstone as well as the addictive action gameplay experienced in Diablo 3 on the PC.

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Dagobert1496d ago (Edited 1496d ago )

Diablo sucked anyways. Neopets is better.

Edit: The person who disagreed with me is a hater. Haters gonna hate bruh.

AntoineDcoolette1495d ago

You're king troll of N4G. We get it.

whamlollypop71496d ago

Not sure how the click fest is going to translate to a controller,but if Carlton says Neopets is better who am I to argue.

BLow1496d ago

How is it any different than Baldur's Gate or Champions on PS2? Seems like they are the same type of game. Oh well, I can't wait!!!

taquito1496d ago Show