HarmoKnight: Finding the 5 ‘pinklefs’ and unlocking the secret world

Pokémon may be Game Freak’s flagship title, but the developer has made other games, too, like Drill Dozer and Yoshi. Its latest is HarmoKnight, a rhythm-action game releasing Thursday, March 28 on the 3DS eShop. Before you dive in, here are a few pointers as well as everything you need to know about unlocking and surviving the secret eighth world.

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JeffGrubb1888d ago

Doesn't Nintendo electrocute Game Freak if they have a new idea?

AronDeppert1888d ago

I think they flog them actually. :-D

wita1888d ago

I think they should do more non-Pokemon stuff like this!

Venox20081888d ago

The demo was amazing, can't wait for full one on Europe