Hands-On with Unreal Engine 4's First Playable Game: Daylight

GamersNexus: "Our ace-in-the-hole is Zombie Studios, a Seattle dev that knows horror-inspired gameplay and Unreal engines like the back of its hand; supported by team members who worked on the likes of the F.E.A.R. and Condemned series, the studio is well-equipped to tackle the inherent challenge of creating a truly gripping and eerie environment. I got behind the mouse and keyboard to get an up-close look at Unreal Engine 4, its championing Daylight game, and chat with Zombie Studios’ Communications Manager Collin Moore."

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chukamachine1730d ago

GRID2 cockpits confirmed?

dirthurts1729d ago

They said no cockpits...unless they changed their minds after the massive amount of backlash.
Still, I'm not betting on it. Could be just for this demo.

Yukicore1729d ago

It was Dirt 3, unfortunately. :/

I am sure of it.

cannon88001729d ago

Just look at all that dense geometry on those hand models. Tasty! :P