Capcom vs SNK 2 is Coming to PSN in April

oprainfall writes:

"When Christian Svensson was asked about Capcom vs SNK 2, he revealed some exciting news: the game is coming to the PlayStation Network via PS2 classics in April."

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DivineAssault 1403d ago (Edited 1403d ago )

fun game but @ least take the time to make em 16:9..

darthv721402d ago

if they took the same route they did with MvsC2. I can see them taking the DC version and upping the res and making it widescreen.

The DC version of these fighters are the ones i really enjoy most. I have this game for xbox and the DC and for some reason...the DC version is the better (IMO) of the two.

wishingW3L1402d ago

wasn't this game already on PSN?

Tito081402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

It's only available on the Japanese PSN, for now.

nyobzoo1402d ago

I would've like to see this game get a HD port but most likely due to Capcom not being obtain the SNK characters licenses again, I guess this will have to do

Minato-Namikaze1402d ago

For the love of god can I plz get an onimusha HD collection capcom? i'd even take 1&2 on one disc and 3&DOD on another.

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