Road Rash: 5 Reasons It Should Return

"A recent article on Eurogamer featured a piece with Dan Geisler, creator of the Road Rash series all those years ago. In it he talks about utilising Kickstarter to fund another Road Rash game, or at least, a spiritual successor. " |

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Godmars2902011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Screw the reasons: where was it this gen?

Hell, where was it last gen?!

No wait: EA holds the IP.

I mean I love the Burnout series but hate the five minutes the damn thing takes to load and login to their pointless servers asking me to buy stuff.

Derekvinyard132011d ago

This series has so much fun to be had even still to this day! Really hope it comes back, I didn't know EA owned the rights

3-4-52011d ago

Road Rash 1,2,3 on Sega Genesis were awesome games.

Road Rash 64 was an even better game.

I remember some crashes sending my guy flying over whole towns and mountains!

It was insane back in the day, and a lot of fun.

There was a nice selection of bikes and the progression felt right.

SAE2011d ago

I still remember playing it like if it was yesterday >.< . Yea, It's a great game. They need to make a sequel for it.

Gamesgbkiller2011d ago

I want it with the bikers only.

GiggMan2011d ago

Damn. I read that as "Road Rash 5" and got excited lol.

wenaldy2011d ago

Bring back Kaffe Boys vs DeSades feud lol.. Man i love Jailbreak :)

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