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What Would You Like the Wii U GamePad Used for in Zelda?

ZD: The Wii U GamePad is really cool.

That was the first thought I had when a friend of mine unboxed the device and we set about playing on Nintendo Land, passing it around to perform different tasks in the different games’ mini-game environments. The idea of a screen (sometimes hidden from view of the other players) being able to influence the game was a powerful concept, paired with the increased functionality of the device as a whole. While Nintendo Land does show off some of the function and uses of the GamePad, that fourth dimension that the Wii U offers has a lot of possibilities that have yet to be explored.

One of the big questions we ask ourselves is what kind of functionality is the GamePad going to serve us in the upcoming, mysteriously shrouded Zelda Wii U title? With new peripheral hardware at their disposal, Nintendo is keenly aware of the impact that the GamePad can have on any of their heavy-hitter IP’s. They know it as much as anyone; if they want to sell the console, they’ll have to sell the GamePad. How do you want the GamePad to influence the game? Let’s take a look at what we know so far about what can be offered, and what we don’t. (The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

ShugaCane  +   935d ago
I've always thought there were too many information on the screen. The hearts, the map, the items, etc.. maybe they should put all of them on the pad so we can have a full and clean screen. That's just my opinion, though.I certainly do not want to see the next Zelda game ruined by bad decisions, so I hope they're working hard to make the good ones.

"a tech demo isn’t really indicative of a final concept, especially in the case of Zelda"

That's sad because as far as I'm concerned, I thought that E3 demo was amazing.
camel_toad  +   935d ago
Yeh I really do like "hudless" games (the recent tomb raider comes to mind) and I think the purty world and scenery of Zelda could benefit from a clean screen.
1upgamer99  +   935d ago
Map, compass, HotKeys, off tv play. :)What do they use the second screen for on 3DS and DS? I honestly have no idea, because I have never been into handhelds. I am tempted to pick up the 3DS XL, though. I want to see what Nintendo is going to have 3DS/Wii U combo do though. Okay I saw how they use it on 3DS, that is pretty much what I had thought. PLEASE no Multi-Player Zelda....ahhhhhh!!! I had read that months ago, but had forgotten about that.
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colonel179  +   935d ago
I would like maps, inventory and some mini games, but not something to be used with the gameplay itself.

The gameplay should return to the gamepad using buttons and not the Wii mote.
Zodiac  +   935d ago
Nothing to extreme. I would just like the gamepad to take as much as possible off the TV screen.

Off TV play is a given

Maps and such, i really don't know. I just don't want them to go too crazy with the gamepad for Zelda.
porkChop  +   935d ago
Maps, inventory, health, etc. Put the whole HUD on the Gamepad to keep the gameplay image clean and immersive. Maybe do mini games on the Gamepad. Keep all the gameplay itself on the TV, other than off TV play.
Chard  +   935d ago
Does it have to be used? Can't it just be an option? At this stage I'd rather use motion plus or the pro controller, since I've seen nothing yet to convince me that a second screen would add much to a Zelda game.
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Ck1x  +   935d ago
Well Darksiders 2 is a good indication of a great way to put inventory and sub menus on the touch screen. Once you play games that have the convenience of everything just being there on the fly, its hard to go back to hitting the start button and scrolling through pages of menus. Personally I want Nintendo to spend more time and efforts into overhauling the battle/magic/lvl up system. I think they can do some amazing things with Zelda that would take the franchise to a whole different level in gaming...
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wantonGamer  +   935d ago
Turn the pad face down and slowly tilt it 90 degrees to open a treasure chest.

du du dudu du du dudu du du dudu du du dudu....TA TA TA TAAAAAAAHHHH !!!!
DivineAssault  +   935d ago
remove screen clutter & the map.. Just like all ds/3ds games used the 2nd screen for.. Oh some cool puzzles would be nice
ps3_pwns  +   935d ago
1.inventory selection so you can switch weapons on the fly!
2. dungeon and or world maps.
3. quest logs and such
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vakarian75  +   935d ago
They could let you write on the maps like in the Ds ones but I would rather have the hearts on the Tv.
False-Patriot  +   935d ago
I prefer traditional gameplay without such "innovations".
NeoTribe  +   935d ago
Jek_Porkins  +   934d ago
Hopefully they use it as a map, storage and maybe for some puzzles or something. They don't need to force anything with it, just keep it fun and natural.
PopRocks359  +   934d ago
Real time inventory would suffice. Maybe a mini-map. Nintendo probably knows more what to do with it than I do.
TheMutator  +   934d ago
The real question is What Would You Like the Wii U GamePad Used for in Metroid

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