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Need for Speed: Most Wanted U is graphically superior than current consoles

The graphical difference between the Wii U version of Need for Speed: Most Wanted is night and day. (Need for Speed Most Wanted, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

1upgamer99  +   915d ago
Looks great, but we already knew this. The gamepad options are a kinda crazy.
The_Infected  +   915d ago
It looks better on Nintendo's new console? Unbelievable! Now what about the PS4 and 720? Put all next gen consoles head to head.
PopRocks359  +   914d ago
Gladly. Just as soon as detractors stop comparing the Wii U to the 360 and PS3.
guitarded77  +   914d ago
@ PopRocks359

I read your comment in my head, then I went "Ohhh" Soprano's style. I hadn't really thought of that as I just figured the Wii U was comparable to the PS3 and 720. It will be interesting to see how multiplatform titles hold up between the Wii U, PS4 and 720. In all honesty, I think the majority will be about the same until you get to the visually stunning titles that need a lot of power.
PeaSFor  +   914d ago

the WiiU can do better than 7years old consoles?


1upgamer99  +   914d ago
The point of this article was, so many people still say that the Wii U is not as powerful as PS360, and that is simply not true. We all know the PS4 is more powerful than Wii U, but that is not the point.
SilentNegotiator  +   914d ago
You're right poprocks....now that a game will release that looks slightly better on Wii U, a few months before the much more powerful successor of the PS3 releases (likely the same for Xbox)....

We concede. The Wii U is slightly more powerful the 360 and Ps3, 7 year old video game consoles.

*slow clap*

Feel better? Does your Wii U purchase finally feel justified? Will you stop playing the victim for a day?
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PopRocks359  +   912d ago

You and a fellow by the name of Context should go out sometime. I think you would have a great time getting to know each other.

Or are you just pissy for having been proven wrong? I don't know what's more sad, that legitimate Wii U criticism is so difficult to find in this community or that guys like you feel the need to either downplay the truth or validate misinformation.

"Wii U is on par with 360."

"No it's not."


"Criterion's Need for Speed looks significantly better on Wii U."

"Oh wow Wii U outdoes current gen hardware *slow clap*"

Seriously, get off your high horse.
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mistertwoturbo  +   914d ago
That does look pretty good. Glad to see someone is trying to utilize the hardware. Activision, take note.
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WiiUsauce  +   914d ago
maybe if Activision and Treyarch would've actually taken advantage of the Wii U hardware and made the Wii U version look better than the PS360 versions like they totally could have, then they would've received more support. Instead they gave us a piss poor port that has some frame rate drops in the single player campaign and barely looks any different than Black Ops II on PS360.
Ippiki Okami  +   914d ago
"maybe if Activision and Treyarch would've actually taken advantage of the Wii U hardware and made the Wii U version look better than the PS360 versions like they totally could have, then they would've received more support."

WOW. You nindendrones are unbelieveable. No wonder activision called you guys out.


Activision gave you the best version of black Ops 2 and yet you still complain. I'd love to hear what you guys say if this version of Need for Speed doesn't sell.
biggest_mario_fan   915d ago | Spam
Summons75  +   915d ago
inb4 nintendo hate train
exfatal  +   915d ago
to late lol
this is old news though. glad wii u version is getting the love it deserves
TooTall19  +   915d ago
MasterCornholio  +   915d ago
Sounds great but I'm wondering when criterion will make another burnout game? Ever since I got paradise with plus (thanks to the PSN outage) I've been dying to playing another one.


Motorola RAZR I

P.S oh yeah Jelly bean rules now my phone is super smooth.

@biggest Mario fan

Pfftt we have drive club plus GT6 and any future title by criterion.
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fatstarr  +   915d ago
its a good thing i didnt buy this for the 360/ps3,

day 1 to show my appreciation for the extra effort.
BattleAxe  +   915d ago
Been there done that, who cares about a WiiU version of a game that came out on PS3 and 360 around 6 months ago.
vividi  +   915d ago
Good news to wiiu fans, I really waiting for Zelda wind walker
MariaHelFutura  +   915d ago
Are they making Windwaker HD?
Samus HD  +   915d ago
yes ma friend
G20WLY  +   914d ago
lol I see what you did there ;)

Bubble for funny!
Indo  +   915d ago
Its funny how the Wii U graphics are being compared to PS3 and 360. No shit its gonna be superior in all ways, if it wasn't then...just then I would be surprised. Its kinda like how people say, " Pick on somebody your size." When the PS4 and 720 comes out the Wii U is just gonna be left in the dust.
Stroke666  +   915d ago
not really, graphically they'll be slightly behind it'll be up to the games to decide really. unless ms really knocks it out the park with 720. but so far sony's system doesn't seem much better than nintendos if at all, looks like a great console so far still but im not seeing lightyears or a dust trail. but hey i'm no graphics whore so my priorities may just be different. more on topic, i think this article serves as a call out to stop comparing next-gen(this gen) to current gen(last gen) consoles.
fatstarr  +   914d ago
its like all day, people go the wiiu doesnt look better than the hd twins, then when its proven thats its more powerful and produces better graphics people then go "but but but ps4 720" stfu, smh Nintendo cant win with you people.
firelogic  +   915d ago
lol, it still amuses me when people still write drivel like, "AC3 graphically superior on WiiU" "NFS looks better on WiiU than PS360."

No shit sherlock. It friggin should. The goddamn thing came out 7 years after the 360. The fact that people still compare them speaks volumes as to how pathetic the WiiU really is.
AKR  +   915d ago
They're comparing them to current gen consoles, because that's it's stand-by competition. Also the fact that Nintendo has only now gone HD shows why people are comparing it to the PS3 and 360.

It doesn't make it "pathetic" - just seeing how far it's come, and it's only going to look better with time.
Stroke666  +   915d ago
f u watson lol jk, its goes to show how pathetically shallow minded people are. like azure says its standby comp theres no other current gen consoles on the market yet. when msony join in it'll be 'fight on' i cant wait
zeldafreak404  +   914d ago
I think the reason its compared is to show that it is next gen because of all these blasted articles saying it isnt.
PopRocks359  +   914d ago

How is it amusing to you when people consistently mistaken the Wii U as either weaker or just on par with seven year old hardware?

Why the hell is it pathetic when new and concrete information reveals that it's actually a stronger piece of hardware? Shouldn't you be criticizing people for spreading the false information to begin with?
mistertwoturbo  +   914d ago
Actually, if you look at the 360 it is really 8 year old tech, and the PS3 is 7 year old tech.

So come on, let's all give a hand to the Wii U for catching up to 7 and 8 year old hardware.

*Slow Clap*

Joking aside, it's still better than not having anything at all. Now I'm curious on what Zelda is going to look like. It might actually be a reason I'll buy a Wii U in the future.
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josephayal  +   915d ago
The Start of the Next Console Generation
Thepcz  +   915d ago
wiiu is next gen- confirmed
hopefully this will end all the bs articles
AKR  +   915d ago
If these are the results of an enhanced port, 3 months into it's lifetime, I'd love to see how things will turn out on a game built from the ground up, a little while from now (when devs really get their heads wrapped around the tech.)

For a only "slightly better than current-gen" console, the Wii U is looking wonderful. Bah! It packs a punch, people. May not be as big and powerful as the PS4 and 720 - but that DOES NOT mean the difference will be as vast as the original Wii vs. the PS3 and 360.
neogeo  +   915d ago
I think the thing holding back the WiiU is the bloated OS. NiN promised 2 big updates to speed it up. 1gig for the OS is not needed. It would be really nice if the gave 512megs back for games. So WiiU games could run up to 1.5gigs of ram. That is whats needed for smooth 1080p. If 360's os can get buy on less then 40 megs of ram then WiiU can do just fine with 512.
momthemeatloaf  +   915d ago
If they're already making games this early on the Wii U look that much better than on Xbox360, then the Wii U is eventually going to pump out some really great looking games.

I want to see Zelda or Mario 3D with the Wii U hardware. It will be jaw dropping.
Imperator115bc   915d ago | Bad language | show
Qrphe  +   915d ago
2006: "X Game on Wii graphically superior to PS2"
violents  +   915d ago
It's not enough better to brag about, that's for sure. I'm glad ninty finally got with the times on the graphics level but seems like they are treading water really because once ps4/720 come out they are just going to be last place in the graphics dept again.

I know i KNOW, graphics dont make the game, however if that were always true we would all still be playing on our atari's, wouldnt we?
silkylove  +   915d ago
Graphics matter less with each generation. I remember the jump from 8 to 16 bit was HUGE. It's not the same now. All three systems will have gorgeous games. What matters most now is art direction and gameplay.
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violents  +   914d ago
Its not that they dont matter, there is just less of a leap in graphics each gen, of any console, I mean really how much better can it get when a lot of games are nearing photorealism as it is.
Stroke666  +   915d ago
double wat silky said(sounds kinda like a pimp name lol). and also the difference is big enough to brag, in one u just se the puddle in the alley but on the wii u you can see the separate bricks in the wall the details in the floor the dof, but hey the succeeding gen is supposed to do that
dcbronco  +   915d ago
Perfect example of why you don't feed into the specs too much. I think everyone knows the Wii U won't be able to compete with the PS4 and 720 on physics and number of things on the screen and destruction. But, it will have better graphics than the PS3 and 360 are capable of. And we are reaching the end of the graphics road.
arbitor365  +   914d ago
if this is a "next gen leap" over current racing games, then by that very same logic, driveclub is a next gen leap over this.
AKR  +   914d ago
It's not a leap. It's an ENHANCED PORT. This isn't a game that was made from the ground up on the Wii U. It uses the PS3/360 geometry, with the high-res PC textures, improved draw distance and framerate and enhanced nightime. If these are a results of a port, then an original Wii U racing game should look even better.
If the Wii U version of "Project CARS" looks anything like the screenshots and footage that have been released so far - then that's a real "next-gen leap"
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ISNeko  +   914d ago
Wii U games can look fantastic. We just need developers that want to do it.

If anyone says the Wii U isn't next gen they're ignorant. The bottom line for a gen leap for most people is that it looks better. There, happy?
Bumpmapping  +   914d ago
Not really impressive Drive Club in comparison is night and day makes this game look current gen because it is.
b-dash  +   914d ago
wiiU 2-6 online multiplayer

xbox360/ps3 2-8 online multiplayer

PC 2-12 online multiplayer
kupomogli  +   914d ago
The developers made the statement that they gave the Wii U version the PC textures. There isn't anything stopping the same from happening with the PS360.

Anyone remember Battlefield 3? The PS3 included the PC textures as they were within the mandatory install. The 360 version was very ugly, but there was an optional install to download the HD textures. The PC textures may have been able to fit on the 360 and PS3 regardless but it could have been something EA was doing for Nintendo specifically by giving them the best console version, or even the possibility that since they wanted the PS360 versions to be the same and didn't want to use a second disc for the 360, the PS3 also got screwed.

No one knows what the reasoning behind holding back the textures for the Wii U version singling out the other two.

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