Zelda X Pokémon, If It Looked Like This, Would Probably Shift A Unit Or Two

Artist Finni Chang does what Nintendon't. Pairing the pocket monsters with Nobunaga's Ambition was a total waste when they could have been combined with Zelda instead.

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Quadraxis1818d ago

Why is Kotaku still on this site?

Young_ART1818d ago

Why are you still in my runescape server?

3-4-51818d ago

Why are you still playing Runescape ?

Coltrane_C1818d ago

What the hell is RuneScape?

lilbroRx1818d ago

Why is this tagged as PS3/PS4/360/720 news? Also why is this(Nintendo only news) being posted by user named PS4FORLIFE?

I have to say, this was clearly posted with the hope and intent of generating negative responses of some kind.

I post an article speaking specifically about next gen with next gen tags and they make me remove the next-gen tags. Tagging Wii U in PS4 appraising news is fine though. Tagging Sony and Microsoft consoles in Nintendo only articles is also fine.

I is confused

theDECAY1818d ago

People who like the PS4 can still like Zelda and Pokemon. Jeez.

lilbroRx1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

That does not address the issue at all. If that were the case, there would be no need for specific tags. Everything should just be tagged as everything since someone may like it.

I always thought the purpose of tags was to distinguish and separate information categorically, so if someone was interested they could go straight to it without wading threw tons of other unrelated news. I guess I was wrong. Seems it about what people like.

AnotherProGamer1818d ago

What I would love is a Monster Hunter X Pokemon

Deku-Johnny1818d ago

Nothing would get rid of Nintendo's child friendly image quicker than slaughtering Pokemon.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Child friendly? Since when are cruel LEGAL fights between 2 creatures shocking, rocking, burning, bubbling and just plain beating each other to a pulp child friendly?

kirbyu1818d ago

This sounds rather interesting. But I'd rather see Kirby X Mega Man.

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