Something’s Starting Up With Final Fantasy XI

How mysterious! A tweet from the official Final Fantasy XI account read, "The heck is this... Is something starting up...?!" Included was the above image.

Back in 2011, former Final Fantasy XI Hiromichi Tanaka mentioned that Square Enix was considering a straight port of FFXI to the PS Vita. But at that time, it was undecided and there was no concrete plan to do the port.

So maybe this tweet is referring to a PS Vita version of Final Fantasy XI? Or maybe it's a Wii U version? Who knows! Square Enix does, that's who.

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Myst1547d ago

Is it that they are adding something to the DLC?

jujubee881547d ago

It definitely looks like the VITA's resolution.

Myst1547d ago

Well that would certainly hurt. I'd probably find myself going back into it while playing FFXIV :/

Mounce1546d ago

FFXI F2P on Vita with the likes of PSO2? ;o

Vita being shown as an MMO-Handheld could entice many many people . . .

3-4-51547d ago

Old game but good.

I played FF XI for 3 months before WoW was released. Then went to WoW for almost 3 years before quitting.

This would be awesome for Vita owners.

Kte1547d ago

nice! hope it's the VITA so i can finally play at work LOL

MrWonderful1547d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth

Tapani1547d ago

FTP FFXI for Vita with microtransactions that provide only cosmetic dimensions to the game = WIN! _o/

a08andan1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

It seems to be for the Vita. If you look in the middle of the pic there's a "box" that looks like a Vita powercord. :D

-Gespenst-1547d ago

F2P Final Fantasy XI on the Vita maybe????? I can finally play FFXI!!

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