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Max Level: Let's Talk PlayStation 4

Max Level’s very own Brittney, Malik, Rafiq, Chez, Barry, and Carlos talks about #PlayStation2013, which was the reveal of the PlayStation 4. There were many things announced during this 2.5 hour press conference from Sony including a collection of games such as Knack, Killzone Shadow Fall, InFAMOUS Second Son, Watch Dogs, and more. (inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS3, PS4, Sony, Tag Invalid, Watch Dogs)

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LessThan2Tflops  +   666d ago
Why are killzone sf, infamous ss not coming to ps3? Why is Sony abandoning ps3 when 3rd party devs are making dual ps3/4 releases with their new games?
Walker  +   666d ago
Exclusives launch titles can't be cross-gen !
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LessThan2Tflops  +   666d ago
Why not? I'm fine with less prettier ports of these games
El_Colombiano  +   666d ago
Your name is ridiculous.
ThaTruthMVP  +   666d ago
What if the decided to keep Cole's story on the PS3. What if an inFAMOUS 3 is in the works?
BriTyBriT  +   666d ago
They arent abandoning the PS3. They are giving you incentive to buy the PS4.
Trackboss  +   666d ago
That Killzone tho !!!!!
MeatheadMilitia  +   666d ago
As a PC Elitist and Xbox user, I am excited to see that the PlayStation 4 is looking promising. Well done Sony, well done.
Rhezin  +   666d ago
yeah I just wasn't expecting a 2013 release. 2014 a definite, but 2013? Seems too soon to be droppin bills on another console. I'll be getting it though..

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