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PlayStation Vita turns one: do or die for Sony’s handheld

Michael Ormonde, Thunderbolt writes:
With all the hype and excitement surrounding the announcement of Sony’s PlayStation 4 this past week, another milestone slipped under the radar. A year ago last week - February 22nd to be exact - the PlayStation Vita celebrated a year on sale in European and North American markets. Heralded as the “Next Generation” of on-the-go gaming, it boasted the most powerful specifications of any portable system, and promised a console quality experience no matter where you were. The system arrived to stellar reviews. It looked as though Sony would have a hit on its hands. However the Vita has, in all honesty, failed to gain traction with the consumer. Sales are below expectation; having originally set a goal of 16 million units sold in the fiscal year 2013, this was first reduced to 12 million, and then 7 million as Sony tempered their expectations. Even this modest goal will most likely not be achieved as at last count the handheld had sold approximately 4 million units since launch. But is the system dead in the water, or are the reports of the vita’s demise greatly exaggerated? (PS Vita, Sony)

RememberThe357  +   860d ago
In all honesty I was going to report this as Lame and move on hoping that it would die at some point. But on second look there is a point here. I don't want to see doom articles start popping up everywhere, but Sony really does need to get more quality software on the Vita. Call of Duty was a complete failure (I expected nothing less from Acti), and the third parties (at least in the west) just don't seem to have the creative vision to even understand how to use the damn thing.

I want this handheld, I really want it, but I need more platform focused software. There are great games on it, but many of them just aren't my type of game or aren't good enough to entice me to buy the system. I know people that have them love them, but I'm a prospective buyer and for me (and apparently most other people) there just isn't enough there yet.

*Please, if you respond to my comment, don't type up a list of Vita games I'm supposed to be interested in or that I should be impressed by. I either already like them or I don't care.
tubers  +   860d ago
I own one and I don't "love" it. It's "ok" for now..

That's because my gaming habit doesn't mostly revolve around handhelds. (PC, PS3 and PSP owner here)
Dead handheld walking. Sony said it would be ridiculous to judge the Vita before its first holiday season and the Playstationers chimed in as well.
Now that the first holiday came and SONY for the 3rd time reduced sales expectations, the playstationers now say its only Vita's first year.
tubers  +   860d ago
Now they're playing the safe bet but recently saying it needs "5 years" to be properly judged.

Sounds reasonable but IDK.. kinda sad.
morpha  +   859d ago
lets all give the Wii U 5 years before we judge it aswell kay?
whoyouwit04  +   860d ago
Probably die unless something major happens I don't even think the cross play with PS4 will even save the vita. But you know the funny thing and I'm not trolling but being real, remember when they first release the specs for vita how sony fan boys were calling the death of the Nintendo 3DS? But the funny thing is the Vita was dead on arrival and the 3ds is soaring in sells. My point is they are doing the Same thing with the PS4 claiming victory against all competitors before the war begins which is a huge mistake, and PS4 probably will do the same thing DEAD ON ARRIVAL. No not really, but it could have poor life time sells, they seem to for get that it will not just be the big 3 next gen because there is a new kid on the block and they are introducing them selves as the steam box. I know that Ouya is also coming but from what I understand it is not to compete with the big 3. The bottom line they should take a lesson from history that even if the PS4 wines up being the most powerful which won't matter cause it's not like you are going to see the difference, Anyways that it doesn't mean victory, In fact it almost guarantees failure. Name one time the most powerful console has won the war.
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tubers  +   860d ago
Has MS revealed their next gen spec and is already proven weaker than the PS4?
whoyouwit04  +   860d ago
Is that a question? If it is then NO, Microsoft has not release the first bit of info for the xbox 720, There have only been RUMORS, So no one knows if its weaker or stronger. But what I hear there won't be a big difference and the specs are almost identical except for the ram.
enkeixpress  +   860d ago
We need more games that show us what this handheld can really do in terms of graphical power. More titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 & Virtua Tennis 4 are needed.

Guerrilla has got the right idea with their title, Killzone: Mercenary.
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whoyouwit04  +   860d ago
See that's the problem You say you are a gamer but if a game is not the most beautiful thing you seen it doesn't even get your attention, graphics doesn't make a great game or system. if that's the case the Wii, Ds, 3DS, PS2, PS1, and so on would all have been failures because they were all the weakest of there time.
enkeixpress  +   859d ago
while I'm all for titles like Rayman Origins that are more focused on gameplay rather than graphics, this system has one hell of a gorgeous screen on it, not to mention the power hungry quad cord cpu & gpu, it's only logical that there'd be Vita owners like me that'd want to see their systems being pushed with PS3 quality type of visuals.

Second thoughts, there needs to be a steady stream of titles that serve the needs of both groups then.. vita owners that want graphics focused titles with good gameplay & vita owners that want gameplay focused titles.
vikingland1  +   860d ago
I love my Vita,and the games too. I hope sony backs it for a long time.
FlyingFoxy  +   860d ago
People are pissed that it costs more than 3DS, but the fact is that it has youtube, the browser is much faster at loading pages, games are far better looking.

Theres already a handful of very good games for it, i have no idea what's up with the doom and gloom articles.. it's not like it completely fails because it has great potential.
tubers  +   860d ago
Because it's all relative.. and it will ALWAYS be compared to 3DS standards in terms of software and hardware sales.

It doesn't have much for 3DS standards of system sellers (Animal Crossing, etc).

It's bombing at its home turf.

Once Pokemon and MH4 releases, it'll only widen the gap against the VITA.

I sure hope Sony can afford losing more and more handheld marketshare by the quarter.
RogueStatus28  +   860d ago
But it's only a year old... Give it time. The 3DS didn't do so well at this point in time, oh wait, it did?
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morpha  +   859d ago
by the time the 3DS was 1 year old its launch troubles were behind and its sales soaring skyward.

Sony is being lazy cause they have other markets they can make money in. Nintendo HAD to do something QUICKLY.
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TongkatAli  +   859d ago
I forgot to add the Vita has better racing games too. I like the 3DS, but I would use it for one game.

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