PS4 controller - What's new, What's different, What's the Same?

Sony's PlayStation Meeting and PlayStation 4 reveal was the most exciting event in recent gaming history, and not just for our first glimpse at Sony's next-generation software. Burning questions we had about the controller--now officially dubbed DualShock 4--were almost entirely answered as Sony announced the redesign, showed off new features, and released high-resolution photos.

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Moonman1884d ago

DS4 also has a 3.5mm Stereo Jack. :)

HammadTheBeast1884d ago


Time to hook up my Skullcandies on this.

ShinFuYux1884d ago

What's the point for a stereo jack? I don't get it. The PS3 used blue-tooth headsets for communication and sound, why is that on the PS4 controller?

Besides, if it's just for regular headsets, then wouldn't that kinda kill the battery life a bit faster?

Donnieboi1884d ago

It's for game audio, not just communication with other gamers. Stop crying. If u dont like it, dont use it. I will be using it however, so yay for me!

-Alpha1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

Is there anyone who doesn't perceive that they will like it? There were a lot of fans who thought that the DS3 controller was perfect, and did not want any changes. But this controller's ergonomics, size, sticks, triggers, and handles are all different.

Personally, I can see the problems people had with the DS3, and think the new controller really accentuates DS3's problems, or at least shows that the Dualshock 3 really had places that have benefitted from the new changes. I can't imagine ever going back, as the DS4 really looks infinitely better. I'm excited to get my hands on that more than actually seeing the console

Pintheshadows1884d ago

Much like the innards of the console Sony seems to have listened when it came to the controller as well though. My only concern is the battery life with all the extra kit thrown onto it.

MysticStrummer1884d ago

People complain about the actual PS4 not being shown yet, but I was far more interested in how the DS4 looked. Looked very cool to me.

RememberThe3571884d ago

That latency improvement is what has me the most excited. I love the new form factor too.

KingKelloggTheWH1884d ago

I don't like the concave analog sticks,I preferred them more round as you can use more of the stick rather then just the edges.

Sitdown1884d ago

That's what she said? I know.... Lame, and I apologize.

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

Unless you have hard skin on your thumbs, isn't this better?

Oh well, we'll find out once its in our hands.

Nathaniel_Drake1884d ago

The one thing I hope they improved upon is the D3 and R3 sensitivity, I always would accidentally press it some times like in COD or other games, other than that it looks awesome

Pintheshadows1884d ago

I do that alot, especially if the controller is worn in and i'm playing something frantic.

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The story is too old to be commented.