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Tech Analysis: Killzone: Shadow Fall demo

Digital Foundry's take on Guerrilla Games' PS4 debut.
A lot of questions are answered with this in-depth look at the game. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

The_Infected  +   416d ago
Well it seems this game looks this amazing although being designed on early dev kits which have been bumped up in a huge way. Still 30fps but rock solid so it should be just fine. I could go on and on but this game is a technical marvel and its beautiful. Can't wait to see when the developers start utilizing the final developer kits with the 8Gb DDR5!
deadpoole  +   416d ago
All I can say is good, exciting and fun times ahead for PS4 Gamers.

I'm really glad that PS4 Design Engineers have designed such streamlined system architecture to avoid bottlenecks by listening to gamedevelopers and are going incorporate features such as voice chat etc. after listening to their playstation gamerbase.
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Dylila  +   416d ago
no tech analysis needed other than knowing its the best looking game ever shown to the public. it doesnt matter if people count individual pixels because the graphical beauty of this game have never been seen before by the average gamer. i cant imagine what killzone sf will look like when its release but i know ill buy it before i have the console on release day. killzone sf is in alpha stage right now and was made utilizing 1.5gbs of ram while the ps4 has 8gbs of ram onboard so imagine how much more they can do if they utilize more of the ram.
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WarThunder  +   416d ago
Digital Foundry doesn't have the demo, no one has it.

Hahah they used the trailer video to capture the frame rate! what a lame Tech Analysis they are. BritishCrapgamer.com


btw, i like how Killzone looks.
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WarThunder  +   416d ago
This Tech Analysis is useless and unprofessional because:

- Digital Foundry do NOT own the demo (for testing)
- They used the KZ trailer to cap the framerate and not the real demo.
- Its to early to make a Tech Analysis....

Im a PC gamer, not a hater. I like how KZ looks! This Tech Analysis is garbage and useless.
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TemplarDante  +   416d ago
I was so excited when I heard them say PS4 gets 8GB GDDR 5, I dreamed about it that night and woke up with a smile on my face ! :)
This is unoptimised KZ Alpha footage.. oh.. the future is bright and once again, Sony got us a future proof console.
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deadpoole  +   416d ago
Can someone confirm if Killzone:Shadow Fall takes place after 30 Years from Killzone 3.

What are the chances that GG might up their fps from 30fps to 1080p@60fps as now they have received or probably will be receiving the actual final PS4 based spec devkits.
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Irishguy95  +   416d ago
It does take place 30 years after. They said it during the conference.

The chances are...low i'd say. The only update on the PS4 devkit was the Ram apparently. So there won't be much of a difference.

Sway down there...I have to say...playing at 60FPS is SOOO much better than 30FPS. I actually hope Sony make some games that sacrifice some graphical fidelity for a high FPS.
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Skate-AK  +   416d ago
Link for your question. http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed...
DigitalAnalog  +   416d ago
As stated in the article, the target is 1080p/30fps locked. Killzone wants to put as many effects and graphics possible as opposed to losing it at 60fps. Personally, if they had the option to go 720/60fps I would be much more inclined to use that instead.
Npugz7  +   416d ago
With all the talk about how powerful the ps4 is It should be able to do 60fps without any trouble but I'm not sure if gorilla games is going that route? It was being developed on an early dev kit so who knows maybe with the final specs it will get bumped up to 60fps
Walker  +   416d ago
Most technically impressive game on any platform right now !

Here are a few more examples throughout the video of the realtime reflections. They are a lot easier to notice when YOU are actually playing as opposed to watching someone play because you are then more cognizant of its reaction to your input. In Crysis 2 is constantly gave me "Wow" moments at the graphics. And it seems KZ SF uses them more liberally.

Some amazing shots:
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deadpoole  +   416d ago
Really helpful, as these images are highlighted and marked along with description about improvements ... thanks ... bubbles for ya ... :)
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I am more impressed with deep down if it's real time.

Killzone looks amazing but I will get it to be a graphics whore. game play is generic. Now we can slow down time and make it easier to be a bad ass!

I think he was wearing a nano suit also.

I want DEEP Down!!!!

I see jagged shadows on the faces so that might mean it's real time.

I am sick of shooting sh!t.

All the background looks nice but you can't touch it. Next gen corridor.

still buying it though.. Someone needs to do something before shooters become dominant again. To many please no more!!

This will be coming out around the time of cod, bf4..

IF anything what we need is a future 64+ player BF game in that killzone setting.

and particles like this.
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sway_z  +   416d ago
Only PC gamers crow on about 60FPS....In fact if it wasn't for them, most console gamers wouldn't care or notice.

It's possible KZ can run at 60/1080p...but this is a launch game and like many launch titles, it won't afford the luxury of extra development time.

Killzone is penned to launch with PS4...Interested in how long it's been in development...prob since KZ3 released..maybe?
wenaldy  +   416d ago
In b4 PC Elitist.
GoldPunch-TR  +   416d ago
Very stabile
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   416d ago
Its one thing having a console with a great spec - but even better knowing you have a collection of first party devs that can make it sing.
Bathyj  +   416d ago
Man when they say locked framerate they mean meant it. Ive always said since Resistance that I'd rather a stable 30fps then a game that tries to be 60 but is erratic, but this is just rock solid.
JAMurida  +   416d ago
Yeah I agree. The 1080p/30FPS that NEVER drops in FPS is what I've been hoping for the most coming into the next-gen with consoles. I just hope all games can keep to this standard.
Number-Nine  +   416d ago
going to be amazing when the devs have more time to tap into the power and potential of the ps4.
leogets  +   416d ago
cod will 60 fps loooool fucking game still shit regardless
platformmaster918  +   416d ago
I think this game will be 60fps by the time they're done with it. They were working with limited RAM in the dev kit and had to get this ready by Feb. 20th when the system won't launch until September-November. FPS is one of the last things to be polished off and they can easily bump it up with the increased horsepower they have now. Not to mention this console is far from optimized as this will be a launch game so 60fps should be the standard even if this game doesn't end up being that.
sway_z  +   416d ago
@Irishguy95...thanks for being polite in your reply to me, and I agree 60fps is way better than 30fps.

However, I am not entirely sure Ram has any major impact on frame rates...Is that not something the CPU/GPU handles?

...PS3 runs on 256MB VRAM and I never read anywhere that that was the main deciding factor of 30fps over 60fps...correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm happy to learn ;)
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Tundra  +   416d ago
Looks great to be honest and no one can deny that. I'm just glad things will finally be 1080p.
EbeneezerGoode  +   416d ago
I have never personally seen a better looking overall game than that first unveiling of this (even as a PC owner) - on the fly through. It wasn't so much about specs as art direction and imagination, those glass covered buildings and the way the particles, lighting and colour choices were set up really had an impact. It looked jaw droppping, no other word for it.
M-Easy  +   415d ago
This makes me a gamer again.

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