Bleszinski on PS4, three keys to winning next-gen

Former Epic designer offers cheers for DualShock 4, jeers for Vita integration and returning IP

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cloud4951913d ago

Great points Bleszinski. Having an apple style ecosystem on PS4 would be awesome.
For the whole Knack thing, I'm guessing Sony wanted to tell the audience that PS4 has a broad range of games.
I've always loved platformers so I'm excited to see more of Knack.

JeffGUNZ1912d ago

Wait, don't people on this site rip apart Microsoft and Kinect for showing they have a broad range of games and options for gamers? Is it ok for Sony now?

Virtual_Reality1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Like if Kinect games were any good.

ShugaCane1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

"There is never a better time to launch new Intellectual Property in videogames than at a console transition. Gears and Halo 'got' this."

Except Halo started on Xbox before moving on to the 360.

kevnb1912d ago

halo was a launch title on the original xbox. Although it was microsofts first console, it was still part of a transition into a new console generation.

Rainstorm811912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

And gears released a year after the 360.....the 360 didn't launch with gears or launched with CoD2 ( not a new ip but it got new life) .....which probably explains CoD success this gen

While I agree new IPs are important to console transition.....cliffy would've been better off using examples like Halo and Resistance instead of shoehorning his own game into the conversation

Jek_Porkins1912d ago

Well I can only speak for myself, but we all saw that amazing Gears Of War footage before the Xbox 360 launched. I was going to wait and see with the 360, but bought one at launch for Gears Of War, which came out 6 months later. You do always want that big new IP at a transition, Halo, Gears and hopefully something big from Black Tusk.

Sony does the same thing, launched with Resistance.

DOMination-1912d ago

It makes sense. If you can make a great game at launch, new IP or not, you are guaranteed sales. It may ad well be a new IP though as they are more risky, financially.

alegolo1912d ago

@Jek_Porkins but GeOW came out a whole year after the launch of the X360 not 6 months after.

mp12891913d ago

What a whiner. even his complements are annoying....
"saying it appeared to have more comfortable thumb sticks than its predecessors"
really?, the convex thumsticks were uncomfortable? I never bought the argument that concave thumbsticks fit the thumb better. How about when you aim up or down, your thumb only has the edge of the stick to hold on to. Im happy sony just made a mixture of the two for the ps4 though, so that nobody complains.

JeffGUNZ1912d ago

Take a breather fanboy, he never said they were UNCOMFORTABLE, he just they are MORE comfortable. I loved my 2003 civic, but my new 2013 civic has more comfortable seats. See where I am getting at? I feel like people on this site think everyone is out against Sony. Sheesh.

mp12891912d ago

The only problem with your car analogy is that Blezsinski hasn't actually driven the 2013 civic but has only seen a picture of it and thus concluded that it is more comfortable (and thats his actual complement to the ps4).I see that as a direct attack to convex thumbsticks so you can call me a convex controller fanboy instead to still keep it easy for you to understand. Thanks for telling me to take a breather because oxygen provides 70% of the energy my body uses. Also im quite content with the ps4 concave/convex controller.

JeffGUNZ1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

You're doing the same thing you hypocrite. You are saying he hasn't used the PS4 and made a judgement on it. You haven't used the PS4 either and say you like the PS4 concave/convex controller. It's the same damn this he did yet people get mad (like you) because you think he was bashing the PS3's controller. It's an opinion, everyone is allowed to have it.

Also, how are you 100% sure he hasn't gotten his hands on a dev. kit or played around with the controller?

thegathering1913d ago

he's team xbox, no suprise here