Killzone: Shadow Fall Will Broadcast Radio Messages Through the DualShock 4

Push Square: "One of the more superfluous features of the PlayStation 4’s new controller is the speaker in the middle of the device. While we’ve known about this addition ever since the handset leaked, Sony has been very vague about how it will actually be used."

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JoGam1852d ago

That's some fly ish. Damn its only Feb 22nd.

Cupid_Viper_31852d ago

It will come in very handy when you're playing split screen multiplayer games. As of right now, when Playing COD or Killzone with my buddies, I get confused when I hear kill confirmed as I'm not sure if it's for me or my buddies.

So hearing it directly from your controller takes away from some of the confusion.

NewMonday1851d ago

never considered it, great idea.

just imagine the audio records from Fallout or Bishock playing from the controller. or the MGS radio conversations. very immersive

MRMagoo1231848d ago

sounds very innovative imo and i feel it will better the immersion in most games but especially ones with ambient sounds as in radios and things like that :). Time does not move fast enough for me at the moment and i say we petition for scientists to increase times speed till the ps4 is released.

matrixman921852d ago

oh sweet...exactly what I hated about Wii games

Kennytaur1852d ago

Yeah, why play audio with crappy quality on my controller when I've got a set of decent speakers? I hope it'll be optional.

BanBrother1852d ago


First thing I though of. Hopefully it is better sound quality. The noises emitted from the Wiimote were murder inducing. F***ing terrible. Skyward Sword was almost ruined because of it. Mario Kart almost had me throw the POS out the window.

Mykky1851d ago

You never thought of turning the sounds off or down?
Click the wii home button, then the wii-mote settings or something like that and then you can lower the volume to zero. It is very simple.

BanBrother1851d ago


Admittedly, it was my brother's Wii, and I could never wrap my head around the menu's and things. I just played it every now and then for a few exclusives and to whoop some French people online in Mario Kart (seriously, every time I played Mario Kart online, I only vs French and Italian people lol)

1851d ago
unchartedxplorer1852d ago

All right, but no crappy quality off the speakers

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The story is too old to be commented.