Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Gets New Screenshots and Artwork

Square Enix released today a large bunch of new screenshots and artwork of the game.

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Abriael1885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

So far it looks better than good. We'll see.

Also, please be on PS4... considering that it's basically a gaming PC, they should really consider a port.

Toon_Link1885d ago

Totally agree I've been in the alpha and the game is way better than it use to be.

Crystallis1885d ago

They said it will be on the ps4, but their main focus is ps3 right now.

3-4-51885d ago

Music sounds awesome.

TheHardware1885d ago

I am almost tired of waiting for this game now.....I read the beta forums and....its always.. "coming soon", "very near", "final stages"

listen I want it done right too, but gawd this is killing me,you wouldn't believe the amount of stupid stuff i spend my money on now, when it could be going to this stupid stuff...

Abriael1885d ago

Better late and polished than now and unfinished. It's not like there's nothing to play in the market in the meanwhile.


I heard the beta starts in 4 more days. i cant wait for this game!

abcd1885d ago

OMG the first video:

DAT IFRIT FIGHT .... So amazing