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Planetside 2 To Merge Servers

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, mention via Twitter that those playing Planetside 2 may soon find new teammates after an upcoming server merge. (PC, Planetside 2, Sony Online Entertainment)

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Wormwood  +   610d ago
Intriguing. I think this is a good thing, but i wonder what effect ti will have on the community at large..
Truthandreason  +   610d ago
it'll only make it better with a lot more action packed into each server. As with practically all mmo launches are huge and you can get terrible press for having people stuck in long queues or constant disconnects, so SOE had plenty of servers and as the hype dies down some servers become ghost towns for a variety of reasons.

Once they merge they will try to balance the 3 factions (population) better and maybe it'll finally be more common to see the big battles that should always be going on with the 2000 player cap they have. Of course on servers that are doing good there are still some very big fights but always room for a lot more :>
nigelp520  +   610d ago
majiebeast  +   610d ago
They would have 8gb of Gddr5 to work with so its very possible.
Skips  +   610d ago
Not only possible, but likely. This IS a Sony game after all.

TooTall19  +   610d ago
Awesome news!
Cerberus29  +   610d ago
Finally, this was long overdue
Hufandpuf  +   610d ago
If this was ported to the PS4, then I'd consider buying one.
Banok  +   610d ago
I really enjoyed ps2 but went inactive waiting for this server merge, so whoopie!

also yeah I don't get why they didn't announce ps2 for ps4.

edit: although this may not effect my server in which case I will have to wait for transfers :(
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Grayn  +   610d ago
This sounds like a good thing!

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