Video: A look at the PS4 interface, overview

Take a first look at a 4 minute video showing off and explaining the PlayStation 4's interface.

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BullyMangler1915d ago

is this like a Nintendo wiiU inspired event? . hhoh mannn

maniacmayhem1915d ago

This will go over great in the fighting community.

Take over the controller? That really sucks, why? What game is truly that hard where someone needs to take over for you. How much spam do you imagine you'll get when people are constantly trying to take over your gameplay or troll your game with comments.

A Social network? It's official Sony is trying to be the new Facebook.

cjflora1915d ago

Pretty sure they mentioned it could be enabled/disabled.

nevin11915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Im not a fan of this social network stuff either.

Edit:I thought this was the complete breakdown of the UI?

TekoIie1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I agree to an extent. I think your overreacting about the taking over controller thing. Hopefully a friend cant take over during MP or earn a trophy. Also kind off takes away from YOUR experience... But its optional. I wont complain about what someone else might want since I can make sure it wont intrude on my experience.

But the social network aspect... Why? I would have been cool with a way to link our PSN account to YouTube to coincide with the share button but strengthening the Facebook connection to gaming? What does that offer to my gaming experience?

1nsomniac1915d ago

haha you'll obviously have to request someone to take over any idiot with any amount of common sense would understand that. The trolls are out in full force after seeing how good the presentation was.

maniacmayhem1915d ago

Or they will have to send you requests after they watch how bad you're playing at the game. Which is why I said the amount of spam....oh're a sony fanboy with their skirt over their heads waiting for a Sony Friday night cuddle fest.

My bad, disregard what I said.

Knight_Crawler1915d ago

First thing that U thought of what when Nintendo was showing Zombie U and the dude was like hey Grampa I am stuck on this level can you help me out.

rainslacker1915d ago

They also said that it'd be integrated with your friends list or facebook, so it's unlikely you'll get random people trying to do that. I'd imagine your friends are a lot better than idiots on the internet, and I personally wouldn't open up my profile to anyone not on my list.

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SITH1915d ago

The controller reveal just took me off the purchase list of the ps4. I hate that controller design.

stage881915d ago

Yes that makes sense. Let go of the an awesome beast of a console because you don't like the controller. If only there were other companies that make third party controllers....

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