Do we really need to reconfigure the Sixaxis?

Given the fixation with touch screens Sony has displayed in the past, and the leaked photos of a potential touch screen on the new PS4, we should ask whether we really need that touch screen in the first place. Does it really do anything?

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miyamoto2009d ago

D Shock 4 is really a PS Vita in all intents & purposes.

Don't be surprised if they finally bring back Gravity Rush on PS3... which is going to be very good.

Sniping on Golden Abyss was really fun.

parkerpeters2008d ago

The touch plate can potentially add a lot of new inputs. 5 at the least, when you just consider the 4 corners and the center. This adds potential for games with more complex set ups, like RPGs, strategy games, and simulations.

Hopefully this feature can attract as many RPGs, Sims, and niche titles as the PS2 did, and Sony can make a brilliant return to those days.

jyang2008d ago

You have really good point. I'm a bit uneasy they might seem gimmicky or shallow, though.

parkerpeters2008d ago

Well, reports sat that it is "clicky" so we can assume it has either a physical "click" or provides haptic feedback to the user.

If this is true, I think it is going to essentially work like a second D-pad that has 4 directions and a click. It would be used mainly for advanced menu navigation or to give specific inputs for individual games.