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PlayStation Plus: What sort of content do you want?

Sony has took to the PlayStation Blog to ask PlayStation Plus subscribers which type of content they'd like to see on the service.

On the blog you'll find a poll and an example of the types of games you can vote for to see appear on the service. The games give are just examples, but will give Sony an idea of the type of content you want to see.

The poll will be up on the site until February 21 so make sure you vote before then as this is a great way to get your voice heard. (PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony)
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Dylila  +   771d ago
i want ni no kuni on ps vita through ps plus.
SandWitch  +   771d ago
And I want Zelda on X360 through Steam
BattleReach  +   771d ago
I want a horse with a baseball cap in my shower.
ApolloTheBoss  +   771d ago
Oh. You were being sarcastic.
KingKevo  +   771d ago
Awesome comment. Dylila doesn't seem to know that Ni No Kuni is only available for NDS and PS3.
zeee  +   771d ago
Fallout 3/New Vegas with ALL the DLC :) I didn't get the DLC.

To be honest, they are doing pretttyyyy fine so far so if they continue the service that they have provided in the last 6 months, I am good and will continue to subscribe to PSN PLUS for a long time.
MmaFan-Qc  +   771d ago
buy it, you jerkbag.
ApolloTheBoss  +   771d ago
Yes. Support the developers so we can get a sequel!
RuperttheBear  +   771d ago
I want Dylila to stop posting comments.
Robotronfiend  +   771d ago
I want a Back to the Future hoverboard... on PS+.
bluem00se  +   771d ago
I don't care about getting it through PS+, as I'll be more than happy to pay for it (and will buy it on PS3 when I have the time to play it) but the prospect of Ni No Kuni Vita sounds amazing.
blackmamba707  +   771d ago
please give some votes for RPGs, big chance that we will get for example Dragon's Dogma
Blastoise  +   771d ago
I'm all for RPG's. Just not Dragons Dogma...cos I've got Dark Arisen on pre-order lol
Godchild1020  +   771d ago
I rather a patch that enables remote play with the Vita for Ni No Kuni.
jujubee88  +   771d ago
Hopefully some of that bleeding edge graphics Gaikai love.

~wink wink

Donnieboi  +   771d ago
Man I can't believe this >_<…This poll is specifically ONLY for the EU region! As if they don't already get great games. I'm not hating, congrats to EU. But if any region really needed a poll/survey like this, it's America. We get the whackest games (except a few like Darksiders, but Europe get's relatively new games like Sleeping Dogs).

I want sleeping dogs too >_<…I pay the same amount that those in the EU do!
GribbleGrunger  +   771d ago
It's probably because Europeans would offer help while Americans would just take the opportunity to complain :)
hawkeyejonjon  +   771d ago
US already got this poll once already. I believe it was in January. I remember because i look at US PS+ blog post and i voted for RPG
ChronoJoe  +   771d ago
Actually you don't pay as much as us.

You pay less for your PS3, less for your games, and less for PS+ as a service.

I think, we kinda deserve this lol we get late often late, overpriced releases. Plus is one of the very few gaming related benefits of living in Europe.

It's not at all bad in America either, to be fair. Just not as good.
IAmLee  +   771d ago
lovegames718  +   771d ago
Cool. i def would love some Batman games as i did not buy any of them and i wouldnt mind watch dogs to come to N.A.
Whitefeather  +   771d ago
Go buy them they're worth it.
mushroomwig  +   771d ago
PlayStation Plus is a nice service but I wish Sony would include more non-gaming options. How about a film or two each month? Or the ability to change our PSN ID?
SandWitch  +   771d ago
Ability to change PSN ID or region would be a great feature (limited/paid etc doesn't matter), but I disagree about movies on PS+. I subscribe PS+ for games, if I wanted movies I would subscribe movie streaming service.
MrR0ck5taR  +   771d ago
so you are saying that if ps+ offered you a free movie rental once a month, you would not take up the offer. I'm all for a free movie, the psn stores streams them now so its not like you have to wait for it to download.
SandWitch  +   771d ago
I would take it, but not in expense of a free game. Free games > free movies
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MrR0ck5taR  +   771d ago
i agree GynGa as would any gamer, games over a movie rental anyday, but i dont see sony having you choose one or the other tho, you would more than likely get both. its a way for them to help showcase not only games but their streaming service for videos aswell. what would be even better is if ps+ included music and movies unlimited free of charge.
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profgerbik  +   771d ago
Thing is look how many people complain now about the releases on PS+ which are all excellent in my opinion for both NA or EU.

You think that would be any better when they get some movie they have seen a thousand times already?

Good god I can hear the crying now. People are ungrateful enough as it is, I can just see them flipping tables when they see all they got was a movie.
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Donnieboi  +   771d ago
Hell no...I got my ps3 for gaming, and I bought PS+ for GAMES. IF they replace games with movies, then I will quit my subscription. Games with great storylines are better than most movies nowadays. Just use netflix.
mushroomwig  +   771d ago
That's understandable, I'm not saying they should replace the games..that would be crazy. Instead, just add to the pickings each month.
kupomogli  +   771d ago
Games with great storylines are rare this gen.

Most recent movie storylines suck, but these same storylines are still better than most video game storylines. It's just we can deal with video games because it's not all story.
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guitarded77  +   771d ago
Yeah... I like the new instant game collection thing, but I miss themes and avatars. More non-gaming options would be nice.
Donnieboi  +   771d ago
@ Mushroom: You DO realize that Sony can't just give away stuff without it costing them, right? For example, they give us "free" games from 3rd parties, but the 3rd party publisher expects us to hopefully buy DLC, or use the free game as promotion for the next one in the series. So, money is a factor to some extent.

Now if they give us movies in ADDITION to games, that will cost Sony more, thus they may lower the quality of the games we get just to make up the cost of adding movies.

INSTEAD, they should do discounts for movies for those with ps plus. Or maybe cheap rentals via Gaikai. But NO FREEBIES please--because the cost will have to be offset somehow, and the games will likely suffer. I'm upset as it is when American gamers end up getting crappy $15 arcade games while Europe gets $60 FULL PS3 games like Sleeping Dogs (not hating, I just wish America got it TOO). So, if they added movies, due to the persistent request of fans who don't understand that the cost will likely cause the quality of games we get to go down, then a lot of gamers will be upset.

I know Sony means well, but seriously, I hope they don't add movies. Just give heavy discounts for movies via PS+. That way, it can pay for some of the movies (even if it was discounted).

Just like in government/politics, the cost of something new will always be at the detriment of the budgeting that went into the things we already take for granted (or in this case, the quality of the free games we get).

THINK before you make your vote.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   771d ago
Ps id change, DLC, and we choose our free games, and cross game chat.
sdplisken  +   771d ago
nah games > movies

dude just download a bluray rip (avi format) off teh internets and stream it to ur ps3 or use a usb stick
mushroomwig  +   771d ago
So, your answer is piracy? What kind of logic is that? You could do that with games as well.

I'm not saying get rid of the games, I'm just entertaining the idea of adding more than just games to the package, get more people interested in the service.

Personally I'd rather get something legally than illegally.
lovegames718  +   771d ago
Film options are also welcomed. Good thought Muchroomwig. Also i see they havent really been giving us themes and avatars anymore.
shaqpack609  +   771d ago
I want to troll video game websites with my ridiculous comments...oh wait
tweet75  +   771d ago
new release games on free to play. major games for $1 so you can still play them when you quit the service. All games in playstation store should be free to play with plus.
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   771d ago
Would love to see a 10% or more off of everything on the psn store. Movies/music/games. Make it something for everyone to get a benefit for. People are always bitching because they already have something offered with this there is always a discount for new items.

Keep giving away games like they are now but they could give dead games new life by putting them up for cheap or free such as Warhawk/mag/confrontation. For gods sake reduce the dlc prices for all the old ass games nobody is playing.

Ive got a lot of great content that I would have never touched without Ps + I'm going to kept my plan as long as they offer similar content or better.
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   771d ago
Killzone 4 please..lol ;)
MestreRothN4G  +   771d ago
As if they didn't know.

Obviously US subscribers want something similar to the EU quality in PSN+ offers. What do they hate? The terrible games Sony offered as if they were even decent.

EU subscribers can't want anything more.
profgerbik  +   771d ago
They very well get some better games in PS+ every now and then but the same happens to them, sometimes their PS+ updates aren't that great either then a bunch of Europeans are complaining about their PS+.

It is stupid.

It is easy to see the stupidity in what I speak of when you visit both the NA and EU Playstation blogs. People complain either way when they don't get what they want like little babies.

For instance you all are just now getting Wipeout2048 for PS+ on the Vita, we had that ages ago. It goes both ways is all I am saying.

EU people love to try and shove it in our faces but then they are just getting Persona 4 and Ragnarok Odyssey which wasn't released in EU at release. EU is just getting these games while NA had them for a while.

Pointless arguments and pointless chauvinist behaviors of humanity always having to prove something is better than the other.
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MestreRothN4G  +   771d ago
The point is:

US PSN+ is very very cheaper than the EU counterpart.

There's nothing on US PSN+ that even comes near to Batman AC, Deus Ex: HR, RDR! In the same time, US store released crappy games to download, as that american football garbage and that table football joke, as well as a bunch of subpar downloadable titles.


And then we get Payday.

It is a bad joke.

It is not about having to brag about everything, actually I am subscribed to US PSN+, but, every month, I strongly regret it, as well as most users that know the condition of both stores.
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dboyman  +   771d ago
I agree with MestreRothN4G, We should be offered both in NA AND EU same releases, including the quality titles released in EU only...
kupomogli  +   771d ago
I also agree with MestreRothN4G.

I currently don't subscribe for PS+ but will for my Vita. Every game I'm interested on PS+ for US and EU I already own, so I have no need to sign up for it for the PS3, but I still do look at them every week.

The US version is garbage. The poll that we got asking what we'd like, sports games was the least chosen, yet we've gotten three or four sports games since then for the US PS+. Foosball, NFL Blitz, and NBA Jam On Fire Edition is what I can currently think of.

Why do they even create a poll if they give everyone the exact opposite of what they ask for? Or maybe they created the poll to purposefully give the US PS+ members what they didn't want on purpose.

Sony: Hmm. Sports games only has 12 votes while action adventure has over 1000. Next four weeks they're getting sports games!
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violents  +   770d ago
How is that chauvinistic exactly?
black911  +   771d ago
Games with alot of replay value! Or online play. To me Payday has been one of my favorite free games since I've been a Plus member.
JAM_brz  +   771d ago
Same here. I always love when I see a game that I can play Online.

For me, PS+ it's givin me "profits" since day one. I not just had received my money back, but much more than what I spent.
stuntman_mike  +   771d ago
just release more games, but to be honest I have been happy with the PS+. I haven't really had to buy many games for the PS3 over the last year because of it.
Williamson  +   771d ago
I would like it if heavenly sword was added to the instant game collection in both Europe and North America.
napalmbrainmusic  +   771d ago
I want a self-levitating toilet seat.
blackblades  +   771d ago
I want free dlc, and ps2 classics.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   771d ago
Dlc and game ALLOWANCE as in i get to choose which free games not those crappy minis or fart princess.
BitbyDeath  +   771d ago
Couple of dollars to VidZone so they can get rid of the ads.
Mr-Dude  +   771d ago
More RPG and action adventure maybe puzzle (Portal 1&2), less FPS!

On the point to the NA PS+ i feel bad sometimes for them, but then the majority of PS3 owners is EU so maybe therefore EU is getting the good stuff. And maybe it has to do with the region? I don't know, but then NA owners can buy a EU PS+ card... and create an EU account. Then you can play the games on your US account
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Tapioca Cold  +   771d ago
gaikai subscription
DonMingos  +   771d ago
I would love to see some older games that weren't perfect but were preety decent and that a lot of people never got to play leaded by the "not so perfect reviews".

The Saboteur,
Mirror's Edge,
Siren: Blood Curse,
The Force Unleashed I and II,
Heavenly Sword,
Shadows of The Damned,
Lost Planet,
Yakuza Kenzan (just localize it to English),
Lord of The Rings War in the north,
Alice Madness Returns,
Dead Island,
Asura's Wrath,
Alone in the Dark inferno,
The Darkness,
Prince Of Persia,
Army of Two,
Binary Domain,
Mafia II,
The Chronicles of Riddick: AODA
Brutal legend,
Rainbow 6 Vegas,
Ghost recon,

You know, just mix some of those "underestimated classics" between the blockbusters PS+ offers every month and a lo of people will enjoy experiencing them for free.
RetroRaconteur  +   770d ago
Awesome gesture by Sony. Have to love everything they're doing with PS Plus so far.

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