Terraria aims to unearth console ports in March

Joystiq writes:

'Last we heard, Terraria was targeting a late February or early March release on Xbox 360 and PS3. It looks like it'll be the latter at best now, according to publisher 505 Games.'

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Snookies121927d ago

How the hell is this even going to work with a controller...?

It's hard enough to aim where you want to dig with a mouse, much less an analog stick, what with the tiny block sizes and all...

Kamikaze1351927d ago

They've shown how the game works with a controller and as much as I absolutely LOVE looks like a hot mess. The game itself is fantastic, but I fear the control scheme used on consoles may turn a lot of people off.

Here is a video:

Qrphe1927d ago

Some games just shouldn't be played on consoles.

Lifebanisher1927d ago

Can they just implement mouse and keyboard for the console versions? Not everyone likes using controllers