Ride to Hell Still in Development

Having disappeared off the radar many months ago, many had presumed Deep Silver’s action videogame Ride to Hell unflatteringly dead. However, it would appear that the title is still in development and furthermore an announcement regarding its status is to be expected soon.

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jay21930d ago

Oh cool, but should go Next Gen surely buy now?

Diver1930d ago

So glad to hear this. I hope they keep the post Vietnam war buddies angle.

Knight_Crawler1930d ago

"Ride to Hell Still in Development"

So FF Versus has a new name.

GalacticEmpire1930d ago

This looks pretty cool, considering I only clicked for the pic.

ctorretta1930d ago

So is the image of the naked girl actually concept art from the game? Or was it just picked from google image search to get hits?

Cuz one of those answers gets the site downvoted.

zerocrossing1930d ago

Im gonna go out on a lim here, and say it was both.

mathsman1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Heh, I picked the image! I only went for it because the logo didn't fit and the screenshots we have on file are a bit washed out. But yeah, it is art for the game.

I didn't think it was that bad as you can't really see her butt on the thumbnail view...

DarkBlood1930d ago

idk man my loss of hearing increases my other senses lol :P

FreshRevenge1930d ago

Funny how everyone click on this article just because of the naked girl on the bike. Never knew it existed before today! Sounds like a GTA in disguise.

nikrel1930d ago

Naked chicks on the back of a bike is always hot.

madpuppy1929d ago

yeah, it's all fun and games....then you gotta wash the bike....

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