Paradox Interactive to publish on next Xbox, PS4 if they're "open"

Paradox Interactive will develop on the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 if they become "more open" platforms, CEO Fredrik Wester has said.

Speaking at Paradox Conference 2013 last week, he said that 2013 is the "year of the hardware" and that he is "really eager" to see the direction that Microsoft and Sony's next consoles are taking.

"If they're going more in the direction of core gaming - which I hope it will - it will be a perfect opportunity for Paradox to do some more games on these consoles," he told attendees including Digital Spy.

"Last year I said we were facing the last generation of consoles - which might still be true - but we're going to see more streaming services and smart TVs.

"Consoles are still going to be around in one form or another because you'll need memory and graphics cards to actually run a game. So whether it's in your smart TV, your iPad or in a separate box, it doesn't really matter."

Wester said that what matters is that consoles are "more eager to get new content", and added that previously it's been "very hard" to get games greenlit and published.

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metroid322113d ago

WiiU is an open console so developers can do what they want ?

Devs are starting to see the value of WiiU asking Sony and Microsoft to add things WiiU already has ???

John Carmack said WiiU will be the interesting console going forward after seing specs of ps4 and co saying there not that great basically hinting wiiu is the best NETGEN console.