GDC: Destructoid's initial impressions of Bionic Commando

From the preview by Chad Concelmo of Destructoid:

"I'm telling you, I was really not excited about this new Bionic Commando. Of course I always wanted an updated version of the classic NES game, but the short trailer that was initially shown just seemed a little 'too cool for school' for my tastes. Like I mentioned earlier, Bomberman: Act Zero entered my mind. And I never want that game in my brain again.

Luckily, the demo shown to me in a private session at GDC looked like the perfect update to the amazing series.

Most importantly, the grappling hook plays the biggest role in the game. Almost too big a role, to be honest with you. There was so much swinging action in the demo that I almost wondered if they was anything else to do."

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