'Halo 4' may only cost $20 starting Sunday at Best Buy

XMNR: We learned through a Best Buy representative on Thursday that "Halo 4" for the Xbox 360 will go on sale Sunday, Feb. 3 for a stunningly low price.

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aviator1891937d ago

that's really cheap for anyone who has yet to buy it. heck, im just going to buy it to gift it to someone.

Anon19741937d ago ShowReplies(3)
Agent_00_Revan1937d ago

I've been waiting for a good price drop. Guess my wait is over!

3-4-51937d ago

same. No reason not to now if it's less than some used games that were released in 06.

MrBeatdown1937d ago

CAG doesn't have it listed in their weekly ad preview for next week.

Queasy1937d ago

As I mentioned in the article, this Best Buy rep has provided me with deals the last few weeks that other sites, including CAG, did not list in their previews.

The only reason I put "may" in the title is that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around Halo 4 being $20 only a couple of months after release. However, I wouldn't stick my neck out by writing this unless this rep had given me correct info in the past.

JANF1937d ago

The game still one of the top 10 selling games, why would they want to sell it for $20. May be a limited time offer, anyways, if true is a great deal on a great game.

Funky Town_TX1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

This game was very disapointing. After Halo 2 this series has gone south. I have purchased every Halo FPS for xbox and xbox360 but after Halo 4 I'm looking to other games for my FPS fix. I remember Halo 2 being $50 for like 2 years after release.

etownone1937d ago

To each their own, I thought Halo 4 was the best so far.

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