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Submitted by feedluster 1105d ago | news

PlanetSide 2 Event Recap

Nerdluster: More information is coming out about the PlanetSide 2 livestream event that I mistook for proper eSports last Friday. Of course Sony had defined their Ultimate Empire Showdown as a “competitive event” where three YouTube heroes would co-lead each of three factions in a series of challenges to decide the “ultimate” army on Auraxis. I live-blogged the stream which had a myriad of technical problems resulting in a largely unteachable broadcast for the first hour or so. The following weekend was quiet but at the beginning of this week YouTuber TotalHalibut (@TotalBiscuit) released a video, in his typical style, that outlined the shortcomings of the event and the limited agreement he had with Sony to advertise PlanetSide 2. (PC, Planetside 2)

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