Three Surprising Plot Twists of 2012

VGS: 'A good plot twist is always an effective way to keep the player interested in the story. When something happens that you didn't predict at all - but still makes sense in retrospect - it's always a memorable part of the experience. Here are three plot twists from games released in 2012 that stuck with me.'

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CanadianTurtle1885d ago

Plot twists articles always remind me of inFamous 1's ending. I don't know anyone that say that one coming.

I think the ending will have a bigger effect on you if you've actually played the game all the way through because you develop a bond with the character "Cole McGrath" rather than just watching the ending on youtube.

smashcrashbash1885d ago

I agree with that one. I don't think anyone predicted who Kessler really was or what his purpose was.That one came totally out of left field.I also didn't believe what lengths Cole went through in Infamous 2 to help the Beast.

ab5olut10n1885d ago

why spoil that there's a plot twist at all? kind of defeats the purpose.

Nyxus1885d ago

Obviously you shouldn't read it if you are planning to play the game, and haven't done so yet.

Axecution1885d ago

Well putting Binary Domain in the picture and then saying theres a plot twist is pretty frowned upon imo haha

also you dont know what games are gonna be listed till you click the article xD

Its not that big of a deal though

ab5olut10n1885d ago

i was wanting to play binary domain, seeing the pic was kind of a giveaway.

darklingz1885d ago

Just started binary domain but up til now lords of shadow had the biggest shock to me with what happen after the credits

deafdani1885d ago

I loved the RE Revelations one. I found it to be a quite brilliant twist. When I came to that part, I just thought "Oh Capcom, you evil bastards, you". :P

Nyxus1885d ago

@ Axecution: Yeah well, I know what you mean, but knowing there is 'a plot twist' doesn't give too much away. You can see which games it is about by the tags.

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