How To Add PayPal Funds On US Playstation Network reports that PayPal can now be used on the North American Playstation Network. More so, a step by step guide explains just how to add funds to the PSN wallet.

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Genuine-User1920d ago

It's a shame that a person from Europe can't add funds through PayPal on his American account.

dboyman1920d ago

How about an American or Canadian adding funds to his UK or European account?

badz1491920d ago

That others outside US can't use their paypal with their US account just like we couldn't with foreign credit cards?

Genuine-User1920d ago

Well I tried and it didn't work.

badz1491920d ago

That sucks! I might give it a try myself but now my expectation is low :-(

hesido1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Why couldn't we have a universal PSN? Why couldn't they make it like Steam? Steam does provide regional differences (Special versions for Germany, some games not available in some countries etc. etc.) but the whole thing is unified and universal. This segmentation does not help Sony. It does however boost the number of PSN users for showing to stockholders, but it probably reduces revenue per user and even the overall revenue, because it is made increasingly difficult for me to buy anything off North-America. (I have to ask friends who live there to buy PSN cards for me.)

talisker1919d ago

This also means I never buy new games on Steam because they're up to 50% more expensive than elsewhere. So there are pros and cons.

black9111919d ago

Can you add any amount? Even $1 or quarter.

Pathosverdes31919d ago

No, it will offer you a few options like $5, $25 etc and one that gets your balance up to a wallet total of $150.
Unfortunately it doesn't work for me yet. The payment partner must have difficulties, yesterday i got a plain error message, now i get one step further to a page where i am supposed to select a payment method but that is empty so I can't continue.