Get 30% off Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition on the Wii U Now

WayForward's Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition has received a 30% discount.

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Jadedz1988d ago

Already bought it though.

robparko1988d ago

I'm glad to see some sales popping up on the Wii U. Didn't think Nintendo would embrace them yet, or at all really, so this sale (and others) are a nice surprise.

Neonridr1987d ago

Nintendo gives all the pricing decisions to the developers. It's the developers who decide if they want to put their game on sale, not Nintendo.

But I am glad to be seeing sales on games in the eShop already.

Neonridr1988d ago

I haven't bought it yet, so this might push me over the top. I have already earned $10 through that Deluxe Digital Promotion, so I may use that towards this game.

PopRocks3591988d ago

Definitely go for it. Mighty Switch Force is a pretty sick game, especially if you like old school games that play a little like Mega Man.

robparko1988d ago

I'd say go for it as well. Solid game with some decent replay value.