How I would fix Call of Duty

Although Black Ops II is currently one of the most popular shooters, it is also one of the most frustrating games to play online. There are so many things that make veterans of the series rage which could easily be fixed. Here is what I would personally change to make Black Ops II even better:

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sdozzo2023d ago

Penalize death. You get points for killing but not dying.

SpinalRemains1382022d ago

You want to make the hardest class even harder, by having the sniper require 2 head shots?
Are you insane? The sniper class requires that they take a precise shot on a moving target from far away. Having them need 2 shots would render the class useless.

Your ideas are awful.

NoobJobz2022d ago

It said two body shots. Headshot would still be one.

azazel6652022d ago

Yes the article clearly says two body shots but one headshot. Right now there's no incentive to even go for headshots, it makes no sense. Plus what are you talking about the hardest class? You routinely see people running around quick-scoping. That doesn't take a lot of skill bro.

awi59512022d ago

Yeah they should give snipers bad motion blur when they try to quick scope that will stop that crap.