Gears 2 will feature chansaw-to-chainsaw battles

The chainsaw fight that takes place in the middle of the video isn't some fancy, man-gland-swelling shot aimed at winning your hearts and minds (and man-glands!). It's an addition to the game

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kewlkat0073952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

How do you counter a chainsaw from the back?

Unless you have in the middle of the fight, two gamers lock eyes, starts to run towards each other with the chainsaw, like you see in Massive war movies...

So what do you have to do to gain the Edge? Tap a button faster? OR maybe a little knife comes out from the front of your boot and sticks it to the the(?)

wow4u3952d ago

How do you counter a chainsaw attack from the back? you dont.

Is a *chainsaw* going to sneak up on you.. really?

Im intrigued by this idea. It could be a really great gameplay feature if the Locust overwhelm you, and you have to fight them off in a chainsaw duel.

toughNAME3952d ago

It remind me of the sword battles you can have in Halo 3

At first they were amazing, but then people figured out how certain button combinations which would mean they always win the battle

The chainsaw in Gears of War is an icon, but quite useless when all is said and done

Foliage3951d ago

I agree with toughName here.

The beauty of the chainsaw was always killing a guy without him knowing you were coming. My best Gears game ever was when I was the last remaining guy on my team and I snuck up to every member of the other team and ripped their arses to pieces.

You can't counter a chainsaw attack if he gets you from the back, and if it is a face to face confrontation I would probably switch to the shotgun before you even got close to me. I think most people would. If you see the guy coming you are going to take him out, not hope you win in a chainsaw competition.

This will get old quick, and no one will bother using it.

I hope they don't screw up the current weapons. Add some new maps and weapons, but don't screw anything up.

OOG FunK3952d ago

kinda is a good thing got stupid sometimes when someone would hide on a corner just to chainsaw people and you couldnt counter at least this tosses a lil more skill into doing such things

wow4u3952d ago

Never saw that happen. If someone was hiding in a corner, and *10* people ran into him, then, its kinda stupid they didnt use their gun instead isnt it.

The chainsaw rocked. you *could* ambush someone, or hide in cover.. which was cool. But no one could hold a single piece of cover for that long.

gta_cb3951d ago

you could counter it by either shooting a random bullet into him when you hear the saw starting up or sometimes if your lucky you can stop them by hitting them (i have managed to do this with a shotgun and pistol)

jackdoe3952d ago

Hopefully it isn't just a bunch of button mashing cause that could get pretty annoying, especially if you get into a chainsaw-chainsaw battle in the middle of the firefight where you can easily get picked off by members of the other team.

mintaro3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

i like the idea, im just worried how it will be implemented into the game

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The story is too old to be commented.