LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller review (PS3): Dual-screen innovation | DigitalSpy

DigitalSpy writes:

"Dual-screen gaming is all the rage at the moment. Nintendo's Wii U console is built around the functionality, Microsoft has gotten in on the act with Xbox Smartglass, and Sony's PS Vita has opened up a world of possibilities for PlayStation 3 developers to experiment with."

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jujubee881304d ago

This is the first review I have seen of this.

Glad to see a blog writter enjoyed this enough to review it. Great sign.

MizTv1304d ago

I am looking forward to trying this out

aquamala1304d ago

does anyone prefer to use the Vita as a controller over a dualshock 3? I don't believe you.

DarkHeroZX1304d ago

I prefer the vita as a controller over dual shock 3 for almost everything except racing sims

aceitman1304d ago

i play it with the vita and its cool to use it .

NoTheMama1304d ago

I know what you mean, the Vita's analogue stumps are horrible!

MaxXAttaxX1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

which is the function that Cross-Controller with LBP2 is using.

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