Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - 'Styles' instead of Paradigms, story to be complete w/o DLC

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you do not have Paradigms to shift into. Instead, you create various “Styles” that you switch during combat, each style comprising of a weapon, a shield, accessories and abilities you set beforehand.

The new combat system with Styles does not have an official name yet, but is tentatively called “Amazing ATB (temporary name)”.

Apparently it’s called that because the new combat system is basically derived from the classic Active Time Battle system, except now you take direct control of your character in terms of movement and pressing buttons for commands.

Square Enix is also stressing that, unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2, this time around the story will be complete within the confines of what’s on the game retail package, meaning you won’t have to buy DLC to see the end of the story.

They're also promising that fans of characters from the previous FF13 games will be happy with those characters’ stories in this new title, that loose ends will be tied up.

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TemplarDante2003d ago

"Final Fantasy XIII -
'Styles' instead of Paradigms, story to be
complete w/o DLC
In Lightning Returns"

Obviously, there will be bikinis or skimpy attire DLC, right Square Enix?

I just hope FFVersus hasnt been canned.. Lightning and her saga can gtfo.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

SE are horrible game makers but they'll make Versus perfect somehow using PS3's pixie dust and Unicorn magic - N4G logic. @godmars: What makes Versus their last chance? This, mind you, even before anybody has had the chance to play Lightning Returns. Who's to say this game isn't a return to form?
I just get so tired of people ragging on XIII series and then in the same breath declaring how awesome Versus is going to be based on a couple of screenshots and one or 2 trailers.

Godmars2902003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

At this point its more like Square Enix's last chance to prove they have any ability on par with Squaresoft with a new take on a FF, rather than the re-retreads of 13 and failures of FF12 and 10-2.

That's because they pulled that crap with 13-2.

They were proud they pulled that crap with 13-2!

Godmars2902003d ago

Who said Versus was awesome? At this point I'd be surprised its at least enjoyable if not steeped in pointless melodrama with a couple of forced bemused scenes.

Hell, I very much doubt its still exclusive if it even still being worked on.

R6ex2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )


Versus isn't even being released. Who knows, it may be worse than FF13?

So just enjoy FF13 or just stay away from it. No point ranting and comparing it to an unreleased game.

Godmars2902002d ago

Besides warning off Square from making the mistakes they did with 13 you mean.

If they're able to correct those mistakes that is.

izumo_lee2002d ago

I believe people are saying FFvs.13 is going to be better than the FF13 main series cause of the development team responsible in making the game.

Nomura's track record is much more impressive than Toriyama's. He is a better story writer, better game designer & better director than Toriyama. I say this cause it was Toriyama's horrible writing in the 3rd Birthday that almost killed the Parasite Eve franchise.

I have more faith in Nomura delivering a better game. He co-wrote FF7, created the Kingdom Hearts franchise, created the Dissidia series, & was the creative mind for FF Type-0.

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Mister4282003d ago

I hope so... the only DLC I bought for XIII-2 was the bikini costume lol!

Kamikaze1352003d ago

I find it sad that they even have to mention the story can be completed without DLC.

kagon012003d ago

That is why avoided the ff xiii saga. SE please die...

Xklaw2003d ago

These are dark times we´re living in the gaming world, with all these DLC BS. But square enix has taken that shit to a new low. And the worst thing is, people still bought an incomplete game. Old school FF gamers don´t like FFXIII (in general), and new gamers that FFXIII is trying to please got screwed with FFXIII-2. I really don´t know who would want this game to come out

N4GDgAPc2003d ago

actually the game was complete. It finished the story of sarah and Neol. Dlc just gave u a look on what happened to lightning before she crystalized. And dlc is very short so its not like anyone is missing anything important it still ended the same way the game did. Lightning crystalizes.
And by the way DLC helps developers. Its not like the ps2 days where games cost a hell lot cheaper. Developers have to sale quadruple amount of copies to equal what they get back in money in ps2 days. Thats why crap load of studios are shutting down. It cost to munch to make AAA games. Why u think we haven't seen much new ip's this gen. Because they don't want to take the risk of a failure and go with something that they know sales. Matter what people say Lightning Returns will make profit. Its just not going to be as close as FF13.

PooEgg2002d ago

"These are dark times we´re living in the gaming world, with all these DLC BS."


Though it really isn't just Square Enix, because EA, Capcom, and numerous other gaming companies are just as bad.

But as much as we hate it, I don't see it changing anytime soon, because for every gamer who is smart enough to say "No friggen way" to a subpar gaming experience and overpriced crappy DLC, their is a gamer who actually likes subpar games and doesn't mind wasting their money on overpriced crappy DLC.

So the rest of us just have to shake our heads at the idiocy and know when to walk away from a dying series.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2003d ago

I just hope I can get a proper ending I can enjoy....and kick caius ass one more time if he's still around.

MizTv2003d ago

I will believe it when I see it

delboy2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

Wow,i can now complete the story without buying dlc.
Which genius at SE came up with that idea,it's mindblowing.
They need to advertise it more, it's a groundbreaking concept.
What do I get if I preorder right now? Lol

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