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Crytek's CEO confirms that - and fails to explain why - Crysis 3 is a DX11-only title

DSOGaming writes: "Ironically, though, Yerli has failed to explain why the game does not fall back on DX10 as its a title that will get released on consoles too. What's really funny is that this approach - of supporting only DX11 - seems more like a gimmick. Do not misunderstand this claim; there is definitely a performance gap between DX9 and DX11, however we can't see why there isn't any support of the 'console' renderer for those with DX9 or DX10 cards, cards that are already more powerful than the GPUs found inside X360 and PS3." (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   1072d ago
Crytek=full of crap and they are trying to make up/look good after Crysis 2 failed to ship with features
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ATi_Elite  +   1072d ago
Crytek has totally gone INSANE!!!!

I can see locking out DX9 as most Devs want to abandon DX9 and move on but to Lock out DX10 is kinda stupid.

Oh well Crytek continues to do all the WRONG things and just tick PC Gamers off.

Hard to believe we fell in love with Crytek for making FarCry and Crysis but look how the mighty have fallen since!!
Muffins1223  +   1072d ago
Almost all cards bought in the past 4 years support dx11...and dont say yours dose not cause EVERY gaming card that can run crysis 3 at a decent fram rate has to have dx11 support.I mean,everyone who buys crysis 3 for pc will be able to run it and if your card can run it then it has to have dx11 cause your gonna need a good card to run this game....though i can see if you want better frame-rate put it to dx9 but just put the settings on low and your fine.
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Pandamobile  +   1071d ago
Agreed its a dumb decision, but honestly, if you're a PC gamer that has their eyes on Crysis 3, you're not going to be rocking a gtx 260 in 2013.

Maybe Crytek want to be the first, no holds barred DX11 game.

More power to them, in my opinion.
DeadlyFire  +   1071d ago
I don't see how locking out DirectX10 is stupid really.

Can't you just download DirectX 11 to DirectX10 cards? Sure it won't support the DirectX11 features, but it will run the game like that yes?
Irishguy95  +   1071d ago
I still have a 8800GTX (When i'm going to upgrade it's going to be a huge upgrade ie ..top of the line like)...I'm happy with it...I can play any multiplat at least the same graphical level as the console counterpart......

Crysis 3 has no excuse imo
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a_bro  +   1071d ago
well, people complained that they wanted the ultimate game, and they complained that crysis 2 was shit...well there you go, you wanted a game that made your pc explode like crysis 1, you got it.
scissor_runner  +   1071d ago
This is what happens when you ask developers to push your tech! They go all in!

I'm glad they are doing this. It's time to show people what this tech can do. Can't wait to see their tools.

There is some thing called compute shaders. It's going to be big you know.
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AKS  +   1071d ago

What PC gamer is going to be pissed about not being able to play Crysis 3 in DX9 or DX10? If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway.
PhantomT1412  +   1071d ago
You don't want to play Crysis if you don't own a DX11 graphic card. Don't tell me you play for its gameplay, nor its story...
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1071d ago
I think they have respect for pc as a platform but don't expect great pc sales anyway.

They are just pushing pc for the hell of it. If they wanted a bigger amount of sales they would have include a dx9 version.

Pc gamers wanted something to push them to the limit like crysis 1 and here you go.

Crysis 2 was the most pirated pc game of 2011( http://www.pcgamer.com/2012... 3,920,000 downloads and crytek really is not thinking about sales on pc anymore. It's easy to tell since they plan to make f2p games.

"Crytek's F2P title Warface passes 5 million registered users in Russia"

When devs get pirated that much they don't just say "hey lets just push pc some more..".
I wouldn't be confident in pc sales either if I was them. Sure it's a console port but that doesn't make it free.

Crytek is doing for a notch under their belt for the most part.

"Crytek planning free-to-play Crysis"

All their pirate problems are disappearing.

I might be wrong but I think this is why they don't care to sell to pc gamers who don't have a dx11 card which make up a huge chunk of pc gamers.

32.06% are DX10, 53.14% are DX11 on steam.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1071d ago
"If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway"

Of course.

That's why it will run just fine on all Xboxes.
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SephirothX21  +   1071d ago
I'm currently making my own engine for DX11 and some things have certainly changed since DX10. DX10 has a few annoying differences when it comes to shaders and displaying font. Also, DX11 uses xnamath library while DX10 does not. People who can play Crysis 3 on PC, will have DirectX 11 cards. Another thing is tessellation (which I haven't advanced to yet). It was only added with DX11 and maybe Crytek does not want any version of Crysis 3 on pc without tessellation.
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BattleAxe  +   1071d ago
Well, I have a GTX 260, so I guess I won't be buying this game... Crytek makes some pretty stupid decisions for a so-called Tripple A developer.


"What PC gamer is going to be pissed about not being able to play Crysis 3 in DX9 or DX10? If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway."

I can play Crysis 1 on Enthusiast settings with my GTX 260, and this card is from 2009....not really all that ancient.
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LightofDarkness  +   1071d ago
DX10 is 5 years old now. If you're still clinging to a 4-5 year old GPU, maybe this should signify that it's time for an upgrade. Plus, I have to imagine those cards would be breaking down by now, planned obsolescence being what it is.
zpoc  +   1071d ago
i bought a 4890 in 2009 and it still runs pretty much everything on medium/high or better settings (depending on how well the game is optimized) at 30+ to 60 fps. don't get me wrong, i want dx 11 compatibility and i'm definitely getting closer to dropping the cash on a new gpu, but when i still get that level of performance out of my current one it's hard to justify the expense just yet.
RuperttheBear  +   1071d ago
You can still keep the card zpoc, and you can still play games with it, but you won't be able to play Crysis 3.

This has been happening with technology for years. Want to watch a 3D movie with your television? You need a tv capable of watching a 3D movie.

Want to watch a high def movie but only have an SD TV? You need a new TV.

You want digital quality audio but only have a tape deck? You need a cd player.

Time waits for no man. If you want the latest and greatest you need to move with the times. The same thing has rung true for pc gaming since pc gaming began, this isn't anything new.

Besides, DX11 has been going for years now, and if I remember correctly everyone was moaning because Crytek didn't support DX11 from the off.

Now it's the only option, and many have got their wish.
Gamer1982  +   1071d ago
DX11 means only powerful pcs can run it. DX10 support means older PCs could run it and it would have looked good aswell. For example get a DX11 game and try run in DX11 mode. You cna buy a DX11 card from £30 but to run a DX11 game like Crysis 3 your cards gonna be about £160 minimum.
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Strongmad  +   1071d ago
a 7850 will easily run crysis 3 at 1080p and thats around £100 less for a 7750. Crysis 2 was actuall prety tame on the GFX requirements I dont think this will change for C3

@ interwebs
I wish you cheap bastards would stop holding the industry back - buy one piece of kit and expect it to last a lifetime and games to still get bigger and better. If you love this hoppy invest in it.

My take on DX x

DX9 and 10 are able to do most DX11 features but take more cycles to render them due to it being non native. DX11 only will allow optimisation for one API give better performance per clock and keep pushing the PC and gaming industry forward. BAckwards compatibilty increased development time which could better spent..

and before someone chimes in with GFX does not make a good game, atmosphere does as well as AI, Physx all can levereage from the GPU and have more features available with DX11 so better cards and more efficient API will be a win win.

now go back to your playstation 1.
FlameBaitGod  +   1071d ago
A lot of consoles here raging when I don't see the point if their not gonna get it for Pc lol. From Pc gamer's point of you this is a win.

"Crytek's CEO confirms that - and fails to explain why"

I mean not to sound mean but.... how stupid do you have to be to not understand y ? Its freaking obvious, so much for journalist this days.
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jivah  +   1071d ago
Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..

Point of view*
AKS  +   1071d ago
I wonder how many people whining about DX9 and DX10 are also the same individuals in the other Crysis 3/ Crytek threads claiming "I'll never buy Crytek's garbage games! It's gameplay and playability that matters, bro!"
Imalwaysright  +   1071d ago
Judging from the quality of Crysis 1/2 if i hadnt a GPU compatible with DX11 I certainly wouldn't upgrade it because aside from graphics there isnt nothing worth mentioning about the Crysis franchise. Crytek are excelent programmers but crappy developers.
Ezz2013  +   1071d ago
atleast it's not a console port
i'm fine with it being only DX11
SITH  +   1071d ago
Same here.
dirthurts  +   1071d ago
Don't complain that the 2nd game didn't push the graphical envelope (despite that fact that it did), and the complain that they adopted new technology.
Pick one.
Forwards or backwards.
aquamala  +   1071d ago
Yep if the game is on ps3/360, why can't they make it work on old dx9 cards?
Detoxx  +   1071d ago
Because they want it to be one of the best looking games on PC.
danieldeath  +   1071d ago
Yeah! with little to no difference.
ALLWRONG  +   1071d ago
danieldeath get new glasses or just get a pair.
R6ex  +   1071d ago
Just like why EA made the PC version of ME3 non-gamepad compatible (though its a console port).
dirthurts  +   1071d ago
EA is a different situation.
They have a terrible terrible track record with pc games.
I can't barely even play Most Wanted on pc due to how bad it was ported.
EA doesn't care about pc gamers.
Crytek does.
gabeybabey  +   1071d ago
What happened? They got greedy. Big mistake moving the franchise to consoles. If it remained a PC exclusive it could have pushed technical boundaries over and over again!

I guess its just all about the money, not the integrity.
CommonSense  +   1071d ago
This is a pretty off-topic comment. You realize that right?

The issue is them locking out DX9 and 10. Not that their games are being held back by consoles. Them making the game for consoles would have nothing to do with the number of people who have DX11 vid cards.
ninjagoat  +   1071d ago
Thankfully my card supports DX11 and runs it very well :)
torchic  +   1071d ago
some website complain about nothing, again.

this is just the beginning of a standard.
Ricdog  +   1071d ago
Thats alright, the best graphical game should set an example of not having to fall back on outdated software/hardware. Crytek are leaders!!! They don't look behind them to allow others to catch up, they look forward and lead the way. And thats how it should be.

And Crysis 2 was awesome, don't know why people complain too much about it. With DX11 that game looks absolutely amazing. And with better graphics that brings better AI, physics, etc...
urwifeminder  +   1071d ago
After playing crysis 2 with dx11 i was blown away at how much better it looked good work crytek ditch that old direct x.
gamernova  +   1071d ago
I got a juicy 670 and windows 8 but I'm not getting this shity game.
2pacalypsenow  +   1071d ago
windows 8 does nothing for games unless you have an AMD card and even then its not worth switching to that ipad wannabe
gamernova  +   1071d ago
I referenced windows 8 to imply that I was capable of gaming at DX11.
B00M  +   1071d ago
Windows 7 has DX11 as well, not just Windows 8...
KontryBoy706  +   1071d ago
I got a juicy 670 too... but I'm running on windows 7 the non tablet OS. With DX 11 support by the way.
chukamachine  +   1071d ago
DX10 barely has any improvements over dx9 anyway.

DX11 is a must for any title.
TemplarDante  +   1071d ago
Hey Crytek, good on you for pushing the tech!
Hope you made the gameplay just as great..
pandehz  +   1071d ago
Lol people stop getting dramtic and let them make the damn game.

In other news 'Gamers whine about everything'
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Degsie  +   1071d ago

The original Crysis is a milestone and a classic but Crysis 2 disappointed me as well. Crytek tries really hard to give the PC community mod tools and map editors to make new content, but were upset that so many illegally copied Crysis and Warhead. They lost millions of dollars which could have been used to develop more games. So they went down the console route as a way to reduce piracy. We get what we deserve. They have made mistakes, but Crytek are still one of the best games companies out there. Its pretty obvious DX11 is the way forward, so give them a break guys.
MYSTERIO360  +   1071d ago
Crytek should of released Crysis 3 on next gen consoles it seems they really want to let loose with graphical power, unfortunately these current crop of consoles won't allow it.
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R6ex  +   1071d ago
Nah. That will be the job of Crysis 4.
ninjahunter  +   1071d ago
If you have a Dx9 card, its probably time to upgrade, they havent even manufactured DX10 for like 3 years.
josephayal  +   1071d ago
CRY-TEK The Wii-U can produce DirectX 11 like graphics
faizanali  +   1070d ago
You must be retarded or something, Wii U can't do DX11 but it can do DX10, If you think that the Wii U is something BEAST or anything like that then keep dreaming.
Ashriel  +   1071d ago
It's about time we move on from DX9 isn't it
violents  +   1071d ago
Im not a pc gamer, whats the difference? Please no smartass remarks, i would like to get into pc gaming and I actually want to know what the hell this article is talking about.
jivah  +   1071d ago
You can compare DirectX versions as generations if you must. 11 being the latest version. The latest gpus which have (from steam surveys)a 55% percent market share compared to DX 8, 9, 10 combined. So being that Crysis 3 is DX11 exclusive, roughly 45% of the market is left out, forcing them to upgrade. Which even though it may suck its good for the industry to further development.

The article also states how the features of DX10 were somehow forcibly enabled to run on DX9 hardware. in which case Crytek also had lockedthe first Crysis game. But it was done. So why cant Crytek open it up like other devs do. Especially with console versions not being DX11 whats the point of locking it.

All the cheap bastards complaining cause they have to upgrade. That's all
Rubberlegs  +   1071d ago
The first Crysis is locked to DX9 on XP machines because of Vista. DX10 isn't fully supported on XP and that's why they locked it. You can force the settings in XP but there is a big difference between DX9 and DX10.

Does suck for those with older hardware but at least were getting DX11 from the start and don't have to wait.
violents  +   1071d ago
how would I go about finding out what my computer currently has/could handle?
jivah  +   1070d ago

Well it would be determined by the type of graphics unit in ya PC.

DX11 capable

ATI: HD5000+
Nvidia: Geforce400+

DX10 capable

ATI: HD2000+ - HD4890
Nvidia: Geforce8000+ - Geforce GTX295

Anything else is not worth a mention as its probably going to struggle playing solitaire lol
InTheLab  +   1071d ago
I'll be glad when this game comes out and is quickly forgotten like Crysis 2 so this developer can go away. The entire franchise has been nothing but a shiny failure and a prime reason why having the best graphics mean absolutely dick when your game is just not fun.
LapDance1974  +   1071d ago
I have to respectfully disagree here. Crysis 2 was crap but the original Crysis was a great game,you had choices of they way you could do things until the aliens came along. Crysis 2 took all that out to try and satisfy the COD crowd and it failed.
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InTheLab  +   1071d ago
Perhaps I played it too late. I didn't have a PC that could run it until 2 years ago when I played it and thought it was nothing special. It looked nice but it was nothing special.

As for C2, I thought the streamlined story telling and gameplay made it a better game, bring it from mediocre to decent enough.

You had this big island to run play in but the mission structure essentially made it a pointless feature. "Go here, and how you get there is of no concern. Once there, do this, then run way the hell on the other side of the island to do more of this or that...".

Past that, the other gamey bits of the game were not any good. The AI in C1 and C2 are some of the worst in gaming....Consolizing the game had nothing to do with the poor AI. The story is yet another invasion + super soldier.

I don't know dude...I thought the game was boring as all hell with no focus...
RyuX19  +   1071d ago
This is stupid. What kind of BS are they trying to pull here. My card can run DX11, but not well so yeah I'm pissed about this because this is really really stupid. They better put out a patch or something if people complain enough, but just seeing how many elitist PC players there are here bragging about their expensive rigs I doubt they will.

Well Crytek you have lost yourself a customer.
faizanali  +   1070d ago
Things have to change, We have to move on eventually, And THIS is the time man, Upgrade your card you just can't stick with a GTX580 for life, Just like i was sick of having a PS3 the same jagged lines on every game while PC Gamers got their fidelity and awesome mods, So there you go....I built my own rig with a GTX 680.
RyuX19  +   1070d ago
What they are doing here is pointless and unnecessary. If the game can us DX9 then let people use it. How they are implementing DX11 is just a gimmick to satisfy the PC community. Some people just want to actually play the game and worry about the graphics later.

Because of this nonsense I would be stuck playing the game with a lower framerate that could have been higher with the option of having DX9.

Also paying for an over $400's on a card is a ridiculous waste of money and I'm not gonna spend money that could be used for more important things in my life just to upgrade a computer for one game.
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deadfrag  +   1071d ago
Well i have a DX11 card a gtx580 and an I5 2500K CPU at 4.3ghz and im worry because even with a gtx580 i will probably only run this game at 30fps!I really think that at least DX10 AND EVEN DX9 should run on this game bacause frankly i prefer to run a game at 60fps in dx9 than a game at 30fps in dx11;and now i ask when this shit happens;what the fuck shoud i do; get a gtx680 or equivalent just because crytek wants an its lazy to give gamers options to get smooth play!?Well if my gtx580 only plays 30fps smooth im not getting this game at release and wait for a big price drop before i get it!People with DX11 cards are bashing the others that only have dx9 cards;but dont forget that even with a dx11 card most gamers will run this game like crap,because what crytek is doing is getting this game well optimize in dx11 but for top card of 2012...im going to have a big laugh in some forums when people star complaining that they have a dx11 card but the game runs like crap;and CRYTEK will then explain well get a gtx670 equal or better to get smooth play.
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neogeo  +   1071d ago
GTX680 OC for you my friend. As sony would say. get a second job:)
Tyre  +   1071d ago
Good for US and games, more power to Crytek. I'm going to play Crysis 3 on Steambox in 3 months, hehehe.
Mathew9R   1071d ago | Spam
faizanali  +   1071d ago
This had to happen Sooner or Later and Crysis 3 is the first game to do this, CryTek like always giving PC Gamers MORE than what they want and pushing current hardware TO ITS KNEEs
Hey look at the bright side, At least our game will look better than Consololols even on the "Lowest" Settings.
FATAL1TY  +   1071d ago
Crysis 2.5 New york + bow!
neogeo  +   1071d ago
This is a good move. My crappy old laptop has a directx11 card. It will not run it but I don't care. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. People that can afford directx 11 cards that are beefy pirate less, also directx 11 has much better anti piret security so if they lock out the loop holes of dx9-10 then great!

2. They may be getting a few bucks slid under the table from Nvida and AMD to make another beast of a game so people will upgrade there GPU's. I know this is a shady move but I like it! Why? because crysis 1 made everyone go crazy and upgrade there cards and that pushed prices of GPU's down and cards got WAY better. Let's do that again please!

3. I forgot:)
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dkgshiz  +   1071d ago
I played Crysis 2 and it was rather dull in my opinion. When you have so many shooters it over saturates everything. I seriously can't even stand playing FPS games anymore due to how many they crap out each year. These companies need to seriously start investing in a wider variety of games or else a lot of people will eventually just grow out of video games.
landog  +   1071d ago
bring it crytek!!

my gtx 680 has been waiting for a challenge!
MRMagoo123  +   1071d ago
Im so excited about this game i just love it when a game has no substance and lots of pretty graphics just like the first crysis /s
AllroundGamer  +   1071d ago
well the gameplay will be probably sucky, but at least i can look at the nicely DX11 tessellated walls :D
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