Crytek's CEO confirms that - and fails to explain why - Crysis 3 is a DX11-only title

DSOGaming writes: "Ironically, though, Yerli has failed to explain why the game does not fall back on DX10 as its a title that will get released on consoles too. What's really funny is that this approach - of supporting only DX11 - seems more like a gimmick. Do not misunderstand this claim; there is definitely a performance gap between DX9 and DX11, however we can't see why there isn't any support of the 'console' renderer for those with DX9 or DX10 cards, cards that are already more powerful than the GPUs found inside X360 and PS3."

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NYC_Gamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Crytek=full of crap and they are trying to make up/look good after Crysis 2 failed to ship with features

ATi_Elite1981d ago

Crytek has totally gone INSANE!!!!

I can see locking out DX9 as most Devs want to abandon DX9 and move on but to Lock out DX10 is kinda stupid.

Oh well Crytek continues to do all the WRONG things and just tick PC Gamers off.

Hard to believe we fell in love with Crytek for making FarCry and Crysis but look how the mighty have fallen since!!

Muffins12231981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Almost all cards bought in the past 4 years support dx11...and dont say yours dose not cause EVERY gaming card that can run crysis 3 at a decent fram rate has to have dx11 support.I mean,everyone who buys crysis 3 for pc will be able to run it and if your card can run it then it has to have dx11 cause your gonna need a good card to run this game....though i can see if you want better frame-rate put it to dx9 but just put the settings on low and your fine.

Pandamobile1981d ago

Agreed its a dumb decision, but honestly, if you're a PC gamer that has their eyes on Crysis 3, you're not going to be rocking a gtx 260 in 2013.

Maybe Crytek want to be the first, no holds barred DX11 game.

More power to them, in my opinion.

DeadlyFire1981d ago

I don't see how locking out DirectX10 is stupid really.

Can't you just download DirectX 11 to DirectX10 cards? Sure it won't support the DirectX11 features, but it will run the game like that yes?

Irishguy951981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I still have a 8800GTX (When i'm going to upgrade it's going to be a huge upgrade ie of the line like)...I'm happy with it...I can play any multiplat at least the same graphical level as the console counterpart......

Crysis 3 has no excuse imo

a_bro1980d ago

well, people complained that they wanted the ultimate game, and they complained that crysis 2 was shit...well there you go, you wanted a game that made your pc explode like crysis 1, you got it.

N4g_null1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

This is what happens when you ask developers to push your tech! They go all in!

I'm glad they are doing this. It's time to show people what this tech can do. Can't wait to see their tools.

There is some thing called compute shaders. It's going to be big you know.

AKS1980d ago


What PC gamer is going to be pissed about not being able to play Crysis 3 in DX9 or DX10? If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway.

PhantomT14121980d ago

You don't want to play Crysis if you don't own a DX11 graphic card. Don't tell me you play for its gameplay, nor its story...

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

I think they have respect for pc as a platform but don't expect great pc sales anyway.

They are just pushing pc for the hell of it. If they wanted a bigger amount of sales they would have include a dx9 version.

Pc gamers wanted something to push them to the limit like crysis 1 and here you go.

Crysis 2 was the most pirated pc game of 2011( 3,920,000 downloads and crytek really is not thinking about sales on pc anymore. It's easy to tell since they plan to make f2p games.

"Crytek's F2P title Warface passes 5 million registered users in Russia"

When devs get pirated that much they don't just say "hey lets just push pc some more..".
I wouldn't be confident in pc sales either if I was them. Sure it's a console port but that doesn't make it free.

Crytek is doing for a notch under their belt for the most part.

"Crytek planning free-to-play Crysis"

All their pirate problems are disappearing.

I might be wrong but I think this is why they don't care to sell to pc gamers who don't have a dx11 card which make up a huge chunk of pc gamers.

32.06% are DX10, 53.14% are DX11 on steam.

SilentNegotiator1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

"If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway"

Of course.

That's why it will run just fine on all Xboxes.

SephirothX211980d ago

I'm currently making my own engine for DX11 and some things have certainly changed since DX10. DX10 has a few annoying differences when it comes to shaders and displaying font. Also, DX11 uses xnamath library while DX10 does not. People who can play Crysis 3 on PC, will have DirectX 11 cards. Another thing is tessellation (which I haven't advanced to yet). It was only added with DX11 and maybe Crytek does not want any version of Crysis 3 on pc without tessellation.

1980d ago
BattleAxe1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Well, I have a GTX 260, so I guess I won't be buying this game... Crytek makes some pretty stupid decisions for a so-called Tripple A developer.


"What PC gamer is going to be pissed about not being able to play Crysis 3 in DX9 or DX10? If you have an ancient GPU, you're not going to be able to run this game anyway."

I can play Crysis 1 on Enthusiast settings with my GTX 260, and this card is from 2009....not really all that ancient.

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LightofDarkness1981d ago

DX10 is 5 years old now. If you're still clinging to a 4-5 year old GPU, maybe this should signify that it's time for an upgrade. Plus, I have to imagine those cards would be breaking down by now, planned obsolescence being what it is.

zpoc1981d ago

i bought a 4890 in 2009 and it still runs pretty much everything on medium/high or better settings (depending on how well the game is optimized) at 30+ to 60 fps. don't get me wrong, i want dx 11 compatibility and i'm definitely getting closer to dropping the cash on a new gpu, but when i still get that level of performance out of my current one it's hard to justify the expense just yet.

RuperttheBear1980d ago

You can still keep the card zpoc, and you can still play games with it, but you won't be able to play Crysis 3.

This has been happening with technology for years. Want to watch a 3D movie with your television? You need a tv capable of watching a 3D movie.

Want to watch a high def movie but only have an SD TV? You need a new TV.

You want digital quality audio but only have a tape deck? You need a cd player.

Time waits for no man. If you want the latest and greatest you need to move with the times. The same thing has rung true for pc gaming since pc gaming began, this isn't anything new.

Besides, DX11 has been going for years now, and if I remember correctly everyone was moaning because Crytek didn't support DX11 from the off.

Now it's the only option, and many have got their wish.

Gamer19821981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

DX11 means only powerful pcs can run it. DX10 support means older PCs could run it and it would have looked good aswell. For example get a DX11 game and try run in DX11 mode. You cna buy a DX11 card from £30 but to run a DX11 game like Crysis 3 your cards gonna be about £160 minimum.

Strongmad1980d ago

a 7850 will easily run crysis 3 at 1080p and thats around £100 less for a 7750. Crysis 2 was actuall prety tame on the GFX requirements I dont think this will change for C3

@ interwebs
I wish you cheap bastards would stop holding the industry back - buy one piece of kit and expect it to last a lifetime and games to still get bigger and better. If you love this hoppy invest in it.

My take on DX x

DX9 and 10 are able to do most DX11 features but take more cycles to render them due to it being non native. DX11 only will allow optimisation for one API give better performance per clock and keep pushing the PC and gaming industry forward. BAckwards compatibilty increased development time which could better spent..

and before someone chimes in with GFX does not make a good game, atmosphere does as well as AI, Physx all can levereage from the GPU and have more features available with DX11 so better cards and more efficient API will be a win win.

now go back to your playstation 1.

FlameBaitGod1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

A lot of consoles here raging when I don't see the point if their not gonna get it for Pc lol. From Pc gamer's point of you this is a win.

"Crytek's CEO confirms that - and fails to explain why"

I mean not to sound mean but.... how stupid do you have to be to not understand y ? Its freaking obvious, so much for journalist this days.

jivah1980d ago

Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..Point of you..

Point of view*

AKS1980d ago

I wonder how many people whining about DX9 and DX10 are also the same individuals in the other Crysis 3/ Crytek threads claiming "I'll never buy Crytek's garbage games! It's gameplay and playability that matters, bro!"

Imalwaysright1980d ago

Judging from the quality of Crysis 1/2 if i hadnt a GPU compatible with DX11 I certainly wouldn't upgrade it because aside from graphics there isnt nothing worth mentioning about the Crysis franchise. Crytek are excelent programmers but crappy developers.

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Ezz20131981d ago

atleast it's not a console port
i'm fine with it being only DX11

dirthurts1980d ago

Don't complain that the 2nd game didn't push the graphical envelope (despite that fact that it did), and the complain that they adopted new technology.
Pick one.
Forwards or backwards.

aquamala1981d ago

Yep if the game is on ps3/360, why can't they make it work on old dx9 cards?

Detoxx1981d ago

Because they want it to be one of the best looking games on PC.

danieldeath1980d ago

Yeah! with little to no difference.

ALLWRONG1980d ago

danieldeath get new glasses or just get a pair.

R6ex1980d ago

Just like why EA made the PC version of ME3 non-gamepad compatible (though its a console port).

dirthurts1980d ago

EA is a different situation.
They have a terrible terrible track record with pc games.
I can't barely even play Most Wanted on pc due to how bad it was ported.
EA doesn't care about pc gamers.
Crytek does.

gabeybabey1981d ago

What happened? They got greedy. Big mistake moving the franchise to consoles. If it remained a PC exclusive it could have pushed technical boundaries over and over again!

I guess its just all about the money, not the integrity.

CommonSense1981d ago

This is a pretty off-topic comment. You realize that right?

The issue is them locking out DX9 and 10. Not that their games are being held back by consoles. Them making the game for consoles would have nothing to do with the number of people who have DX11 vid cards.

ninjagoat1981d ago

Thankfully my card supports DX11 and runs it very well :)