GDC:08 LucasArts Talks Force Unleashed


"Star Wars: The Force Unleashed project lead Haden Blackman is talking of the painful restrictions that a Teen rating imposes during his lecture at the Game Developers Conference."

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daghost11253744d ago

this game is gonna be sick regardless

longduckdong3744d ago

this game doesn't make any sense in Star wars world.
The guy uses the force to pull a ship into the ground....right.


AceLuby3744d ago

The gameplay is what matters and so far it looks amazingly fun. I can't wait to play it.

MK_Red3744d ago

This game is already so amazing but can you imagine how insanely awesome it would have been if it had ditched the T rating and had gone for a hard M? Lightsaber cutting arms and bodies, crushing the guards with heavy objects and turning them into bloody pulps...

Proxy3744d ago

I can't believe a game like Halo with a little blood splatter and no decapitation gets the same rating as something like Ninja Gaiden 2.

They need to split up the M rating, and give these devs a little more room. IMHO.

Mc1873744d ago

Well said proxy. kinda like pg-13 vs r . There should be M and M13?

InYourMom3744d ago

"Using the internally-developed Ronin engine, it was a long slog to get the game working from a technical standpoint. A typical culprit was named."

"It really turned out to be a long, slow battle to get everything working on PS3."

There is the PS3 causing problems with developers again. If this game suffer's we know the "typical culprit". It's a shame dev's can't spend more time on the actual game instead of having to spend all that time just getting it to run on the PS3.

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