GameInformer: Why Mass Effect 3 Is Our Game Of The Year

In this video feature, Joe Juba, Kim Wallace, Bryan Vore, and Jeff Marchiafava discuss Game Informer's choice for the best game of 2012.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

That game was absolutely horrible. I loved the second one. And now that the first one is on psn I might pick that up since everyone says that one was the best, but i still haven't finished me3 and quite frankly I don't want to....... cuz it's not fun.


.... and it's not an rpg.

Aloren1917d ago

It was great, esp after the extended cut. I'm glad it's getting some awards, some reactions were absolutely ridiculous.

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DOMination-1917d ago

I agree. The game was great. The last ten minutes weren't the greatest but hey, no game is perfect. People should really move on about moaning about the endings. Its been nearly a year.

NeXXXuS1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

i really just hated the ending. the extra ending was bittersweet but i liked that a lot more than what they originally gave for ending options.

Awesome_Gamer1916d ago

Far Cry 3 and Max Payne 3 were better imo..

Irishguy951917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

It was great, the last 10 mins sucked(including the extended cut). The game was still great.

Although it certainly isn't even close to Goty. Imo. Better games out this year/ I think any publication that disagree's with that is a sham, actually, any publication that defended ME3's ending is a sham, Gaffers did call it right as Shanks below shows

Godmars2901917d ago

ME1 might have been an RPG - I have yet to play it either but that was the word - but yes, ME2 is certainly more of a shooter.

Bring back planetary exploration, introduce some factions whom you can get on the right and wrong side of, or just some kind of ship combat with some kind of actually mod element, and then we can talk.

Its not just the last ten minutes. The game actually has several issues, signs that it was a rushed and lazy job like everything having to do with side-quest, is just the the ending is painfully notable.

crazysammy1917d ago

It's too bad you didn't enjoy it as much as you did the rest of the series. Just remember GI is an opinion piece, and its opinion is that ME3 was game of the year.

I often equate the ending of ME3 to the ending of the TV show Lost. (No Spoilers) They left the ending open for interpretation because they knew they could never please everyone. What they did was leave it very foggy and let the viewer decide what happened.

You may not agree with the choice, but it is what they did. Bioware did the same with ME3. They were trying to be controversial, but at the same time trying to make an ending everyone could relate to.

Also I consider the entire game of ME3 to be the ending of the series, not just the last 15 minutes. It took the formula it made popular (Recruit team members and then win) and upped the ante. You were no longer recruiting people for a mission, but entire races for a war. I loved the game, and loved the finale.

Of course I am not trying to convince you that you should like it. It sucks you paid money and were disappointed with what you got. I just wanted to share that not everyone feels that way, and that is our opinion.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1917d ago

The ending wasn't my concern. As I stated before I didn't even finish the game. I haven't seen the ending. And I realize already that this is merely GI's opinion. This isn't my first time on the internet. I was just merely stating MY opinion..... and I pulled no punches.

Hydralysk1917d ago

"What they did was leave it very foggy and let the viewer decide what happened."

My problem wasn't that I wasn't able to get my closure, my problem was that they contradicted their established plot in such obvious ways and then told us we were entitled brats when we asked for them to pay attention to their own writing.

SolidGear31917d ago

Crazysammy has it right. It's an opinion. Personally, I enjoyed the entire series. The second being my favorite. I just hope they seriously do justice with the next entry.

aliengmr1916d ago

This is kind of why the GOTY title is so worthless IMO. At the end of the day its just another opinion. One that completely ignores that many fans were outraged and that Bioware actually added content to remedy the situation. Pretty much admitting mistakes were made.

Regardless of whether you agree with the outrage or not, it was there and it was pretty hard to miss. It makes the GOTY title worthless to give it to a game that had that level of outrage.

I maintain that if the ending were just a matter of opinion, there would be no extended cut.

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Enemy1917d ago

The ending was my biggest gripe with the game, but a lot of really good games this generation have cringeworthy endings. Mass Effect 3 is far from horrible, and an improvement over the just-okay Mass Effect 2.

linkenski1917d ago

I think it's the autodialogue that killed ME3 for me. But i wouldn't say it's a bad game at all. Just not as good as i expected.

I hope Bioware goes more RPG with ME4.

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googergieger1917d ago

Money, money, money, money....


Daves1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

No Money no Games.

Do you think people make games for charity?

No, the publishers do it to make money. The programmers, artist, designers, producers and audio guys to earn a living.

googergieger1917d ago

What? Article is titled why Game Informer chose Mass Effect 3 for its GOTY. My answer to that was, money. I.E. they got paid off. Your reply makes absolutely no sense to what I said.

Daves1916d ago

Fair enough. Yep, I look a bit of an idiot in misunderstanding your reason for typing 'money'.

I thought you were dissing ME3 and DLC etc.

Which you are in a round-a-bout way! I think its well deserved win. It's all subjective though.

It's my game of the year in that it's pretty much all I have played all year since going back to PC gaming.

deafdani1916d ago (Edited 1916d ago )

Really? Mass Effect 3 also happen to be my personal GOTY, very closely followed by Xenoblade Chronicles. And Bioware sure as shit didn't pay me a single cent to have this opinion.

So, why can't Game Informer have the same opinion as I do, and numerous other people do, without being labeled as sell outs? Simply because they actually write about videogames for a living?

Logic, what's that?

googergieger1916d ago

It is a joke Daves and deafdani. Still more people disliked the game than liked it. Still the game was flawed beyond the ending. Still all the nine out of ten and perfect score reviews, have been and were unable to really justify that score. I mean ignoring the dialogue throughout that read like a James Cameron script writing for dummies mad lib book. Ignoring the then forced multiplayer for the best galactic readiness score. And ignoring one of the laziest and pulled out of nowhere endings ever. You have a game that was the end of a trilogy that should be judged accordingly. In which case Rachni should have been a huge problem. In which case the treatment of damn near every character in ME2 should have been a huge problem. In which case the forced one dimensional turn the few characters from the series that carried over throughout the three or two games should have been a huge problem. The nature of be nice in the conversation wheel equaled being romantically interested in people, while the other option was to just be indifferent or an a-hole should have also been a problem. The noticeably rushed product and half arsed attempt of a video game we got should have been a huge problem. Heck Mass Effect 2 being made a stand alone game, because it sure as heck is pointless in the trilogy because of ME3, should have been a huge problem. Mass Effect 3 being given game of the year from a magazine or a critic, is the equivalent of the latest Twilight winning the Oscars. Great for you, if you as a fan of Hollywood movies, considered that your personal favorite movie of the year. But people that should know better, should actually know better...

And as I have three bubbles, I guess that will be it for me. So have a good one. Good on you for enjoying the game. I sold it back within a week, and ended up playing other games myself. Until Bioware gives me better, I'll be done with them as well. Which is all you can do. Good on you for liking what they gave you though. I'm sure Dragon Age 3: We didn't learn our lesson with 2 and Mass Effect 4: Na seriously we didn't learn our lesson after our past three disasters, will be more of the same.

Sketchy_Galore1917d ago

I wasn't as outraged by the game as most people but for me it was just.... there. I bought a digital copy, played through it, deleted it without bothering to download the extended cut ending even though it had been out for a while by that time. I thought the ending was alright, but then I thought the game was just alright. I couldnt point out one thing I hated about it but nothing in it really excited me, I just put it down to Mass effect fatigue after playing the first two. It was an alright time-passer of a game but not even close to a spot on my game of the year list.

Shanks1917d ago (Edited 1917d ago )

ROFL, the gaffers called it!

aliengmr1917d ago

It is my opinion that much of the problems folks had with ME3, the ending or the entire game, had to do with being on a deadline. Not enough time and planning went into crafting the overall plot.

The extended cut was an acknowledgment that there were flaws. If they really believed in it, they wouldn't have done anything. They had most of the gaming media on their side and would have totally supported not changing a thing. But they went ahead and added to it.

It pretty clear the ending cinematic was rushed. That it was allowed to ship with it, was crazy.

I don't believe ME3 should receive low scores based on just the ending. But I don't think it should be rewarded for it either.

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