GDC '08 Q&A: 100-plus WiiWare titles in development

For consumers, the WiiWare channel will simply mean more games, but for developers, the launch of WiiWare dev tools will make it easier for them to create new games for Nintendo's popular console. It seems developers of all shapes and sizes have already taken up the challenge, with Nintendo of America project development senior officer Tom Prata telling GameSpot that more than 100 projects were already in the pipeline. While Prata would not be drawn on how many of those would be available on WiiWare's launch day, he did promise "a good breadth of titles that will cover a number of different genres".

Prata says Nintendo is also open to any and all ideas, and has placed few restrictions on the type of content they're looking to upload onto the WiiWare channel. GameSpot caught up with Prata at the Game Developers Conference to glean some details on exactly what developers wanting to use WiiWare can expect from the toolset.

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heyheyhey3803d ago

holy sh!t, now if only i could get my damn Wii online

KeenanTheSavage3803d ago

That's a lot of support for the WiiWare channel right of the back! I really hope that this is going to be a successful channel, and will help with other developers in creating games and making money.

akaFullMetal3803d ago

and how many of them are mini like games??? 60 % aah well enjoy any ways.

PSWe603803d ago

What are the games?

Mario Party 9-109?

avacadosnorkel3803d ago

95% of the games done are going to be lousy, and how is anyone going to know without demos?

ChickeyCantor3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

are we forgetting the " demo " channel? ...everybodys wii channel if i recall correctly
not out yet but nintendo is releasing this channel to stream demo's to your DS and show videos of wii games...and its obvious they wont leave out the WIIWARE section.

and saying they will be lousy is pretty stupid, its also clear that allot of games will be like Xbox-arcade........mind the arcade.

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