Why Is the PlayStation 3 Netflix App Way Better Than the Xbox 360 App?

Gizmodo - The other night I was watching The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray on my PS3 but it was getting late and I didn't think I'd finish, so I switched to Netflix. And I was completely blown away by the movies it was suggesting across its various verticals. They were actually movies I'd want to watch and things I never knew were on Netflix.

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Blackdeath_6631923d ago

well it makes sense when Playstation 3 is the Most Used Device for Netflix Streaming one would assume that it will receive greater support here is a good article about the subject [ ]

ps: if only there were a way for me to upload great articles on a website where people were interested /sarcasm
i really need to do more for N4G then just commenting lol

IAMERROR1923d ago

The 360 one used to be awesome! You used to be able to watch movies with friends over xbl, sadly they got rid of that feature.

darthv721923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

That is an interesting word in the middle of the title. They couldnt just go with better that had to emphasize it with "way".

In any case, the thing between the different versions is the Ms one was initially built using silverlight which offered a better streaming experience than the PS3 and wii versions.

Oddly enough, the Wii version is pretty much the same as the PS3 minus the viewing of HD content. The UI is the same as the PS3. another funny thing to note is the Wii version does SD better than the PS3 but who watches SD content on the PS3 version anyway.

So back to the 360/PS3. Since the 360 UI changed to add more kinect support is when it really made a turn in the wrong direction. not saying its bad but lets just say that the addition of preview vids and the unfortunate "pick up where you left off" idea just doesnt fit with the flow.

Many (like myself) would rather the 360 version take a downgrade to where we can pick if we want to watch a different episode or different season instead of starting the show, then stopping it to go to the menu to do such things.

I have recently taken a serious look at my netflix account and am torn with just canceling it alltogether. The deal with Starz fell through so there is a whole bunch of newer movies right there that just isnt hitting the service.

The deals between studios and stores that prolong the availability of same day access of things to be pushed out to a minimum of 28 days SUCKS! I have been getting my movies via redbox more than netflix.

if i had to choose between the netflix versions then i would say the wii and ps3 versions are a tie for user interface ease of use but obviously the ps3 has the edge with hd viewing. The 360...saddly...isnt my first choice anymore.

I was a big proponent of the 360 version when it was superior to all others....not anymore. And i dont know for how much longer will i be a netflix member anyway.

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Horny1922d ago

The Wii and ps3 version are not the same. I use both depending on where I'm at and ps3 is much more user friendly and easier to navigate. I also like how the ps3 version allows you to play the next episode after the current one finishes during the credits. On the Wii you have to manually select the next one.

finbars751922d ago

It would be nice on the 360 but you have to be a gold member to play it.So silly.I bought a 3month gold member and that wont even let me play it.Why would should anyone shell out $49 and then an additional monthly fee for netflix.Plzzz tell me why its not obvious that ps3 has more watched viewers on netflix.

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Thatguy-3101923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Not only is the Netflix app better but also the hulu one too interference wise that is. Epix on xbox is pretty cool too with more current movies. Xbox did the mistake of taking out the theater feature that it had.

JaredH1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

I switched to using my ps3 for Netflix as soon as it was updated on 360 for Kinect.

I couldn't stand tv shows automatically starting without allowing me to look at the episodes. And every time I looked at a synopsis for a movie I couldn't see it all unless I waited for it to scroll down. I like each film and tv show having their own page like on every other version of netflix.

rpd1231923d ago

Yeah that irritated me a lot too. I've gotten used to it, but it still irks me sometimes.

Veneno1922d ago

It's way better because you pay $60 per year to use online services that are free eveywhere else. so there fore it automatically makes it better.

Wait a minute.........

YodaCracker1922d ago

You really think there are people paying for Xbox LIVE Gold simply to use Netflix?

Lvl_up_gamer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

When are people going to learn that you pay a monthly subscription for XBL primary functions which is a robust and unified online service to play games on within a strong community.

When the 360 launched all these apps like netflix wasn't available. They came AFTER. Apps like netflix are not charged. They are now just apart of what is the bigger picture.

When you are too close to an amazing painting, all you see is brush strokes and globs of paint. Hard to justify the cost in which it took to create or why anyone would even care to see it. BUT when you take a step back and see the beauty of the whole picture, then you realize just how much time and effort was put into it and why people from all over the world come just to look at that single picture.

XBL is amazing and I will continue to pay for it so long as it continues to offer me the best online gaming experience over ANY of the competing consoles. I have money and less then $5 for a quality service is nothing to me.

I deserve the best quality and if I have to pay for it, then fine. I have no problem feeling better then those who don't have the money to enjoy the same experiences that I have. I do the same when I go on vacation. I pay top dollar for the best resorts. I won't settle for anything less then the best because I can afford it and if I pay for it, then I deserve it.

Seraphemz1922d ago

@ Lvl up gamer - the thing is a person shouldnt HAVE to pay 60 bucks to use Netflix on their account if they have NETFLIX but not a GOLD Membership. Thats the point. Why should a person who is paying for netflix, but doesnt want Gold on Xbox be denied access to that application?

And, paying for something that works equally as well as something that you get for free is just plain dumb. I also have money to buy the best, and thats why I bought a PS3 when it first came out.

Rhythmattic1922d ago


Justify your money to MS all you want.... Hell, lets even go off on a tangent , lets use an analogy of how beautiful brushstrokes of art is the same as the amazing underlying computer code that is live...

When will you defence jockeys realise its not about the cost , its a matter of principle....

Its a friggin gaming console.....
Let me play my games, online for free, just like every other gaming platform....

Lvl_up_gamer1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

@ Seraphemz

If someone HAS a netflix account, then they can still watch it on the platform they originally bought Netflix to watch on. Therefore they don't NEED to pay $60 for a gold membership just to watch netflix on.

@ Rhythmattic

I would LOVE to not have to pay for XBL, but anyone who thinks that XBL is on the same level as the other consoles that offer online for free are ignorant individuals. It's a premium service that after playing on ALL the competitors online options is a service I will not game online without. MS charges for it so I am willing to pay because to me it's light years ahead of the competitions.

Why should I have to pay MORE for a 1st class plane seat if it's still just a seat on the same plane that a class seat is on? Simply because it's a premium seat that has features and benefits in which the class seats do not. XBL is a premium service that other consoles are NOT offering. Therefore, I am willing to pay for the best online gaming experience that is available on the market. If Sony or Nintendo can match XBL feature for feature and offer it for free, then I will be more then happy to make the switch. Until then, non XBL members should stop the bitching about MS charging for a premium service until other console makers can match it for free.

Rhythmattic1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Level up,
Lets agree to disagree...

All this FUD about how Live is a better service? You really didnt read my comment....

Your opinion, now mine, , in game, and online there is no advantage live offers to MP, except the over used "Juggernaut" you call cross game chat...

In more cases , PSN actually uses dedicated servers and not p2p, eg, Warhawk, Starhawk, Resistance Mag and a few others... But there is no way the netcode of a p2p system is better because of live and the $$ per year subscription..... Just as PS+ has no effect on everyones experience of a games MP online portion.

Let me reiterate...

"Its a friggin gaming console.....
Let me play MP game content, online for free, just like every other gaming platform...."

I still own a 360, but out of principle , will not subscribe to gold.. And for that reason, I buy all multis on my PS3 and Steam... Its my personal choice, yes....

But surely, wouldnt MS benefit from me buying some Mutliplatform games with MP , that are a better version on the 360 , than not at all?

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

"Why Is the PlayStation 3 Netflix App Way Better Than the Xbox 360 App?"

lol That's nothing you should see the games! way better than xbox.

Christopher1922d ago

I don't see how one element makes it "way" better. Even then, I don't see how the article writer's review of the systems to determine who is better can come from just analyzing one aspect. Has he done tests to show which one buffers faster, producers better quality movies on the same line, search speed, general navigation, etc.?

No, it's way better because one page of the whole app he feels is better on the PS3 than the 360.

Seriously, what a waste of an article. What a waste of time. We are entering sad days ahead where forum quality posts (actually, not even that) are making big headlines solely because it supports a console bias.

Future expected headline:

Xbox 360 power cord way better than PS3 power cord - author explains how his 360 power cord still works while his PS3 power cord abandoned him by being left in his old apartment.

Wii U case better than PS3 or 360 case - author explains how he can use it as a coaster more effectively than the other two devices.

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Riderz13371923d ago

Maybe because you don't have to pay to pay for Netflix. Buy Xbox Live gold membership so that you have the OPTION to buy Netflix? Do people not see the problem with this?

Belking1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Everything is an option so it's not like anyone is forced into anything. Both apps are the same. The only thing different is you need xbox live gold to access it on xbox and with PS3 you don't. It all goes back to which service you prefer.....

PSN..... best price

Xbox live....better service

kingmushroom1923d ago

define better service, because Netflix on Ps3 is Great with no connection problems

Ezz20131923d ago


what "better service" ?!

Gaming_Guru1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

How can you say XBOX 360's Netflix is better service when it's the same exact thing? Netflix is a third party company, they do not deal with Sony or Microsoft besides allowing the application to be sold on their platform.

cpayne931923d ago

It's a little bit better but not worth the 60 bucks a year in my opinion.

Nathaniel_Drake1923d ago

I still don't understand the better service from people comparing live and psn. The connection speed is usually the same it just seems better because you are paying for it.

Seraphemz1922d ago

Im not willing to pay 60 bucks extra so that I can cross game chat... not worth it. Why the hell do I want to play a certain game and talk to someone that is playing a different game, and if im really close to that person, i will just call them if I just want to talk.

I mention cross game because thats pretty much the only thing I can think of that people mention when you compare the both..

Eyeco1922d ago

having gamed extensively on both , there really is not much difference aside from cross/ party chat to me what's so ever.
You could say that XBL is more robust, which it should be if your paying $60 a year for but as far as my gaming experience goes there's hardly any real difference to me,

I'm not some hardcore online fanatic the only games I played on XBL was L4D 2,Gears of War 3, and Halo Reach, my experience online felt no superior or inferior to my most played PSN games Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, and LBP 1-2

So from my perspective XBL has never really done much for me that PSN hasn't, I don't really care for Cross game chat its a nice feature that's there as am option but I never really used it, imo XBL is a little overrated especially compared to another free service Steam and that destroys both.

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Gaming_Guru1923d ago

I think that factors in, but the one big difference I noticed from switching back and forth, the PlayStation 3 automatically plays the next episode in queue.

I was watching X-Men (1992 Series) and the PlayStation 3 will automatically play the next episode with a count down indicating when. The XBOX 360 doesn't do that, I would have to physically tell my XBOX 360 to play next episode. If that wasn't enough, if you kept stopping the countdown the PlayStation 3 would stop automatically play the next episode.

dazreah1923d ago

No the Xbox version does play the next episode it was updated last week.

Belking1923d ago

You couldn't be more wrong. The 360 does do that.....and to go one step further if you have Kinect you can even do it by voice alone. Sony is still playing catch up when it comes to functionality and ease of use for their service. Me personally, I don't have to use neither one because I have smart TV which eliminates the need for them.

Gaming_Guru1923d ago

You mean you would buy a $150 open mic when nearly all XBOX 360s come with a headset that can do the very same thing, unless you are talking about the hand gestures?

If it was updated, it was updated, but the PlayStation 3 already had that from the get go when I was using the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 for Netflix.

dazreah1922d ago

Why the hell do i get disagrees for stating a fact!!??

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-GametimeUK-1923d ago

Agreed. Not having to pay to pay has to br a huge factor. I personally prefer the interface on PS3 too and I know many who agree with me.

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AngelicIceDiamond1923d ago

They have the same content....

Ezz20131923d ago

but you don't pay for it on ps3

sarshelyam1923d ago pay for the sub, you simply don't have to pay to access the application on the PS3.

spicelicka1923d ago

goddammit netflix is every freaking wheree, phones, tablets, dvd players, tvs, laptops, computers, everywheree. I'ts not a ps3/360 exclusive service.

Why do people think you're "paying $60 for netflix" on xbox?? $60 is for the damn games service and netflix just happens to be accessible. It's bullshit and unreasonable but you're not "paying" extra just for netflix.

cervantes991923d ago

Because I don't have to pay for one service just so I can access my other paid service.

InTheLab1923d ago

It's been that way since they removed the need for the red Netflix disc...