A Simple Way To Fix Far Cry 3's Dumb Story

Far Cry 3 does a lot of things right. It's fun to play, the island setting is beautiful, sneaking around is a lot of fun, gunplay is solid, and everything works well. But the story… well, the story has some issues.

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matrixman921992d ago

the story was dumb? I had no idea from the 40 hours of playtime I have in it

Krew_921992d ago

Some parts of the story were pretty annoying I'll admit. It makes up for it with the awesome gameplay.

I nearly fell asleep every time I played Far Cry 2, I never even got the strength to finishing it... This game is completely different, it's better.

Maddens Raiders1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I thoroughly enjoyed FC2. The map editor was very fun for me. My buds and I wasted countless hours setting these areas up and playing them while getting drunk or smoking choice kush. Good times. But, I was also one of the few ppl on earth it seems that liked the sp too. Oh well...

I'll be grabbing the digi download soon

Krew_921991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Yeah it's not out of the ordinary for some people to like Far Cry 2, it's just the game did have it's annoying aspects, much more than Far Cry 3 if you pit them against each other.

My sister actually played it and finished it. Different tastes everywhere.


Yeah the fire mechanic was pretty crap on Far Cry 3, it was very good on Far Cry 2. I actually remember playing online with my friend now on Far Cry 2, he was a Call of Duty guy, but I had fun I remember.

Bathyj1991d ago

I liked FC2 heaps, and as much as people hated the respawing enemies, I hate more the fact that once you take an outpost in FC3, it just becomes a bit empty map.

Couldn't they retake them after awhile and give you more to do as well as keeping you on your toes as you would never know for sure that you were completely safe.

Plus the fire was a great gameplay mechanic in FC2 which I used constantly as a weapon and a distraction. I just dont bother in FC3 as most the time you shoot a fire arrow or flare it just fizzles out. Its not consistent enough and makes it kind of redundant.

pandehz1992d ago

One solution:

Play Metro 2033

aviator1891992d ago

I only hated the ending. Everything else was good.

chukamachine1992d ago

Metro 2033 is crap.

Not quite sure what people enjoyed about it.

Was it the countless corridor shooting, was it the drone of the mans voice.

Mocat1992d ago

You must be insane or have no taste for good games, Metro 2033 is one of the best games ever made imo

pandehz1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Ignore that dude/dudette, Im sensing he/she loves open world bam bam lootz stylez or something with the most cheesy plot

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The story is too old to be commented.