The Best Games You Didn’t Play: 2012

GXC: "2012 has been an overwhelmingly amazing year in gaming. Tons of titles, big and small, were released and no doubt it’s not easy to keep up with all of them. While AAA games with big budgets and massive marketing campaigns may have received most of the limelight, there are definitely other games you may have missed. There were a lot of games that went under the radar by many people this year, but were worth every dime spent to purchase and play.

Here are some games (in no particular order) that you may have overlooked in 2012, but you should actually play."

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iXenon1806d ago

Everyone should try XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Everyone.

schlanz1806d ago

Just finished this, man what a great game.

Myst1806d ago

Dragon's Dogma along with Sonic All stars were/are awesome along with Gravity Rush? I thought a lot of people played that one.

ThatMiamiGuy1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Evidently not many people have a Vita and only a fraction of those played Gravity Rush. So, no...

Dragon's Dogma did okay but Sonic & All-Stars racing, I don't know anyone with that game. :/

Talking about them online =/= playing them.

Myst1806d ago

True but I encountered quite a few on a gaming website (not this one) that loved Gravity Rush. Also a lot of buzz must have gone around enough to warrant a sequel for the title.

Yeah despite how good the scores have been for Sonic I don't think a whole lot have it. I feel like the only one at times.

Monolith1806d ago

Hell yeah!
The free dlc was awesome too.

TheLastGuardian1806d ago

Don't forget Twisted Metal.

Gravity Rush, Sound Shapes and LittleBigPlanet Vita were some of the best games I played all year.

SoundGamer1806d ago

It's just a shame they all sold so poorly. :(

Hicken1806d ago

According to who, might I ask?

SoundGamer1806d ago

@Hicken & @dafegamer

You can research NPD and VGChartz (among other resources) for sales figures.

Monolith1806d ago

Hell yeah! Twisted metal