Rumor: Canadian Xbox 360 Price Cut This Friday

From Joystiq:

"Thanks to an anonymous tipster, we have early word on what might be an upcoming price drop for the Canadian Xbox 360. The above phonecam photo comes from a FutureShop Canada employee, who says he was "quite surprised" to find a $50 price drop for the Xbox 360 Pro Console advertised right on the front page of next week's advertising fliers. Our source also tells us that the inside of the flier trumpets a $50 price drop for the XBox 360 Elite (to $449), an offer which allegedly includes a free copy of Turok."

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decapitator3778d ago

Don't know what to make of this but I am sure we will be seeing a price cut very soon. But this is certainly good news if true for Microsoft. fanbase.

HarryEtTubMan3778d ago

Its already 150$ cheaper than the PS3...why need a Pricedrop so soon? Because ur getting pwned? Well a little price drop isnt gonna help!

kalistyles3778d ago

But now it's only the same price as in America. They could just drive over the border and pick it up for the same price now. Not really a price drop, it's now just on the same level as here considering the currency is the same as the USA.

Douchebaggery3778d ago

The Canadian $ as been almost on par with the American $ for a while now, there just now adjusting the prices like they should have done way back and giving the illusion of a rebate the same when they price a regular PS3/x360 game at 60$ and advertise it as being 10$ off.

Xbox is the BEST3778d ago

the Canadian dollar is stronger that the U.S. currency

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The story is too old to be commented.