Is The Wii U Starved For Games In Q1?

FanCensus says: "Now the Wii U has been launched and we’ve all enjoyed the awesome multiplayer in Nintendo Land and the platforming bliss of New Super Mario Bros U, it’s time to look to the future. Next quarter to be specific. While it’s no secret that the Nintendo 3DS blundered things when it came to offering truly worthwhile software in it’s first six or so months of release, after hearing Nintendo claim they’d learned their lesson and wouldn’t be making the same mistake again with the Wii U it comes as a little surprising to see the console’s line-up for January through March."

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jmc88882018d ago

Not really. We're still in that zone where the Wii U won't get 3rd party titles because they've been in development for other consoles.

Crysis 3 is an example of that. The new Metal Gear isn't really a Metal Gear. Not in the way Metal Gear fans are used to. It's not even a shooter, it's a slasher. So let's not be hasty with saying 'metal gear', because it is in name and game world only.

As for God of War...really? Well it's an exclusive that's only about 4 years late for PS3. Gears of War, also an exclusive. Of course you can only get either of these games on one console.

So yeah, this is what happens sometimes. Exclusives come out.

Bioshock infinite? Well yeah, seeing how it's been delayed so many times and should of come out over a year ago, I think somehow that means not only was it started way before the Wii U dev kits existed, they can barely make it on the platforms they are making it on...oh and now without multiplayer as well.

Tomb Raider? ROFL. Even the best ones in the series (1990's) were overrated.

People will still be playing Mario, still be playing BLOPS2, still be playing Assassin's Creed. There were just 20+ games launched.

How many people won't even begin to play their launch games until xmas? Tons. So if you have say NSMBU, Rabbidsland, BLOPS2, ZombiU to play from xmas on, I don't think January exactly needs a lot of games. Not to mention all the others like Assassin Creed 3.

Aliens: Colonial Marines looks likes it's going to be a great game and have a really fun multiplayer. That game alone makes that month pretty good.

Scribblenauts on the Wii U is a no brainer as the best version. Probably won't get it, but alot of people seem to love it.

Sure it's a little light, but again, most Wii U owners will still be playing the launch games the first couple of months into the new year.

Of course some people won't find some games their cup of tea, and wish they would have waited. Some might change that opinion, some might not. Either way it's a pretty stupid one. They blindly bought a system and the had buyer's remorse. Nintendo's launch window games have been known for months, so that's on the buyer for not figuring it out. It's also stupid because well, this is how consoles go. They launch games, and things really don't get into swing for close to a year after launch. That said, they did launch a bunch of great games at launch, and DO have a decent amount coming out per months.

People are just wrongfully expecting too much and that they should compete in games on new systems with established consoles and their exclusives (even though for God of War it took until six years later). What would people think if a Zelda game didn't come out until 2018?

So overall, the article is much ado about nothing. Unfair comparisons, unrealistic expectations, and a heightened level of number of 'games' supposedly needed to be fulfilled with the Wii U is a bit much.

Finally everyone knows (or should because it's obvious) that if you want to full gaming experience, you have to get all the consoles and a PC. After all, you won't be able to play Strike Suit Zero or Sim City on 360/PS3/Wii U.

DivineAssault 2018d ago

A small handful of exclusives & shovelware ports until mid to late 2013. smh thats terrible & i feel bad for whoever blew their load on this thing & wont be able to buy the real nx gen machines

tweet752018d ago

nintendos been known to slip in digital titles on short notice. You never know what your going to get each week on thursdays (in north america) we may get some great surprises in january in the online store. than later in 2013 will pick up with other great retail games