X-Play All Access: The Force Unleashed

Adam Sessler grills Haden Blackman, Project Lead for 'Star Wars: The Force Unleashed'.

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kalel3333799d ago

Woah the game looks even more amazing then I thought it would ! Completely destructible environments !! Look at those tree breaking ! although one thing I do not really like is that you are able to drag a freaking battleship down , even thought it is cool , it seems like the force is really really really out of control ! :s . I don't really care it's still gonna be an awesome game I think !

DFresh3798d ago

This is so awesome I'm a total Star wars fan look forward to hearing both more of a continuation of the Star Wars Story and 2 playing it on my PS3.
PS3 Rocks!
1080P + Blu-ray + Sony = awesome!