How Visceral and Frostbite are transforming Army of Two

OXM - Meat-headed, brass-necked and prone to unconscionable feats of bromance, Army of Two is one of this generation's guiltier pleasures. "Switch off your brain and you might just enjoy it," concluded our review of the original.

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ab5olut10n1967d ago

pew pew imma kill drug dealers

ZombieNinjaPanda1967d ago

The previous two games were mediocre, I'm surprised they're even considering a third.

dkgshiz1967d ago

The first game if you played with a friend was really fun. The second game I gave it a whirl for about 30 min and that was the end of that.

camel_toad1967d ago

Same here, moderately enjoyed the first but I also gave up on the sequels turdness only 30 min in.

When it comes to games at least sequels are usually better as long as the same developer is behind it but I don't what happened there.

0pie1967d ago

frostbite engine again?
frostbite is the unreal engine of EA ...

Npugz71966d ago

At least its a really good engine!

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