Activision ignoring Guitar Hero 'Les Paul' problems

* Got Guitar Hero 3?

* Got a working wireless guitar?

If you can answer 'Yes' to both questions, you are well and truly in the minority - well it would certainly seem that way given the number of complaints surrounding the new Les Paul guitars.

Problems with the strum bar and fret buttons surfaced late last year, and not just Xbox 360 versions - PS3 and Wii packages are also badly affected.

Activision just don't seem to care.

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americanGTA3744d ago

i got COD4 and GHIII. thats $160 and they dont give a crap. im not gonna buy another one of there products for a long long time. Sure a biz is trying to make money.... but too much money.

YoMeViet3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones, my guitar is in tip top condition and I play GH3 often.

Edit: How the hell did I get a disagree? My guitar is fine, what's to disagree about?

skyclaw3743d ago

to the people with "broken" guitars... perhaps its not the guitar that cant play properly...

DanteLinkX3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

Works just fine, and I have beaten the game on expert, all songs, including Through the fire and the flames, and I play often online. So no problems here. They should make one about Rock Band, wich has all its instruments defective, I have my 3rd Rock band for ps3 now, first one for 360, broken pedal, downstrum problem, tried to fix both, failed, sold it along the 360, got ps3, and another RB, run into defective drumpad, downstrum problem again, I fixed it (unscrewing the guitar), then got another Rock Band cuz my Drumset was owned, yeah I know, but Metallica Pack is to blame :(, I just love those drums, thats why I have bought all those RBs so far. (and no, where I live I don't have warranty).

GodsHand3744d ago

With your spending habbits, it seems you don't need warranty.

I have problems sometimes with the green fret button, I think its the ribbon cable.

DanteLinkX3744d ago

@ Dominican Republic, this is an island near Puerto Rico (way bigger than Puerto Rico though), here we don't have official game stores, only people that love to sell overpriced games/consoles, a wii costs around 420 USD, a ps3 costs 600 USD (60 GBs one) and 360 (new 450, used bellow 150 USD) and games... I recently bough DMC4 for ps3 for 95.81 USD, and it was normal edition. Not even going to tell u how much RB costs lol. (299.99 USD LOL)

GodsHand3744d ago

That sucks for the prices, you ever looked into ordering from the states, or any other country to see if it might be cheaper to import them? Online retailer are usually willing to replace defective merchandize. Depending on the online retailer of course.

DanteLinkX3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

The taxes at the "aduanas" (the place where you go to pick up the things you bough through the net) kill you, at first, people started buying through internet only because it was wayyyy cheaper than how the prices were at the stores here, then the major store owners complained at the goverment, then the goverment made these extra high as hell taxes for items that aren't of "1st necessity" like videogames, tvs, pcs, laptops, ipods, etc, so if you try to buy them through online retailers its either, same price or highter price and you should add to that that its a long wait time, usually 1-2 weeks, and we all know gamers are impatient lol. So yeah, in the end we give up and buy them overpriced at stores here. Thats why when I go to USA, I go crazy buying gaming related things, cuz I find them soooooo cheap.

Also, Rock Band comes with a sheet, that says "DO NOT RETURN DEFECTIVE HARDWARE/SOFTWARE TO THE STORE, RETURN IT DIRECTLY TO EA" and then when you go into their website, their warrantly applies to USA only.

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ThaGeNeCySt3744d ago

I hate when i'm on a long note streak, then all of sudden, my red, blue, and yellow frets stop working

marcdz13744d ago

why don't you buy the stuff from some online store, like Ebay or

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