Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition | Review (Only Single Player)

Only Single Player writes "[T]he inherent issue with Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition... is [that it is] perhaps too faithful to the original.

I can understand why they'd want to keep so much of the original - series fans would complain if a new direction was taken, and the original game is quite strong by itself. The problem is that many of the enhancements just aren't obvious enough. I'm torn by that - I don't want the enhancements to be obvious, because I want MY Baldur's Gate experience, just the way I remember it. It shows the developer's skill and familiarity with the series, too, to be able to add new content that does not feel out of place. It's just, for a re-release, I want something extra - something to modernise the experience enough to justify the purchase."

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Anon19741973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Nice work, Trent and the gang! Nice to see they pulled it off. It's also nice to hear Baldur's Gate is still relevant. Kinda makes me pine for the Bioware of old. There's no doubt I'll be picking this up. I actually think I still have my Baldur's Gate disks around somewhere.

sdozzo1973d ago

Wow, excellent review. All in all I hope they keep enhancing more games in the set.

lawks_land1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Thanks for the kind words. I still feel 3000 words was not enough to do this game justice. As for the rest of the games being enhanced, they've announced BG2:EE is in the works for a 2013 release.

barb_wire1972d ago

Even though I still have the originals on CD and re-bought them both again on COG.. I'm still gonna buy this.

Azurite1972d ago

Always try to run away... always manage to catch up to me >_>

lawks_land1972d ago

"You must gather your party before venturing forth"

creeping judas1972d ago

Is it available on Google Play for android?

lawks_land1972d ago

Not yet, but the devs have stated that it will be available through the Google Play store when it is released for Android in the coming week (or possibly two).

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