Unadvertised Amazon Black Friday Deals Include Assassin’s Creed III, Dishonored, and Much More

PSLS: has had their Black Friday lighting deals calender posted for some time, but what they didn’t reveal is some of the hidden, unadvertised Black Friday deals, which include some top tier, recently released AAA games.

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doctorstrange2040d ago

Which assassin do you prefer?

Sev2040d ago

LOL, I didn't even realize that.

So many great assassins, it seems. You really can't go wrong... unless you cross them.

guitarded772040d ago

Yeah, I held off on AC3 because it gets a hefty Black Friday discount every year. Just ordered mine for $35, plus some other games. I plan on snagging 5 more through lightning deals later this evening. Every holiday I order a butt ton of games from Amazon... waiting pays off. I can get $500 worth of games for a couple hundred dollars. My friends ask me how I afford so many games, and the answer is always Amazon... and with a Prime account it's free 2 day shipping which makes it even better. Now if they'd only bring back the $10-$20 pre-order bonus credits I'd be in video game heaven.

Obnoxious_Informer2040d ago

Magical masked assassin or angry native assassin?

Oh, wait just remembered the Dishonored guy is pissed too, so he takes the corpse crammed cake.

Crazyglues2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

Need for speed Most Wanted for 30 bucks... that's a sweet deal...

Max Payne 3 20 bucks... wow

Medal of Honor Warfighter 30 bucks.. that's a good price the game is really not that bad..

Nice deals.. -if you don't have these I don't know what you are waiting for...


sitharrefus2040d ago

Max Payne is 9 dollars at Kmart right now!

Norrison2040d ago

Max payne 3 is 11 bucks on steam

dbjj120882040d ago

Corvo's got style, but Connor has heart. Well, Corvo has a heart too but that thing's just creepy.

Sev2040d ago

That mechanical heart was my favorite thing in the entire game. I'm going to re-buy it for PC.

Snookies122040d ago

Man, had to grab up Borderlands 2, Dishonored, and Motostorm Apocalypse. I wanted Assassin's Creed 3, but I figure I can always borrow it from my friend. Regardless, I am beyond happy with these sales!

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dazzrazz2040d ago

Dishonored for $24.99 , great deal !

Sev2040d ago

Why didn't they advertising these. Almost every damn game is on sale for so cheap. I thought Amazon had the suckiest deals of all, and yet, here they are!

Sleeping Dogs for $25? Resident Evil 6 for $40? Borderlands 2 for $35? These are so good.

doctorstrange2040d ago

Weird. A lot of people were complaining about their BF being a bit lame, but they secretly had that planned. Defeats the point of a promotion.

knifefight2040d ago

Seriously, it seems like almost stupid business to NOT advertise some of these. Wouldn't it be a good way to ensure you keep your loyal customers STAYING loyal? o_O

dbjj120882040d ago

Buying Sleeping Dogs right now!

Agent_00_Revan2040d ago

Borderlands 2 is on their lighting deals calender @ 5:09pm PST where it'll be $25! Another $10 off!

It seems that many of the games from the unadvertised deals, which are already at a great price, will be even better from the lightning deals.

Sev2040d ago

True, but I watched a few of these lightning deals sell out in under a minute after going live. They're def worth trying for, but it's nice knowing that if you miss 'em, you can still save money by buying these.

computeSci2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

They didn't have time to advertised these deals because they copied and pasted these deals from was first last night around midnight to have these same deals, then here comes Amazon.

Snookies122040d ago

I'm actually a little glad they didn't advertise them... Or else I'm sure a lot of the good ones would be gone by the time I got to them lol.

medziarz2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

that's what BF is about, SCAVENGING, nobody advertises to a hyena there's a CARCASS lying somewhere, this is a rare opportunity for consumers to have to be cunning and lucky in finding awesome stuff to buy

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steven83r2040d ago has NFS, Sleeping Dogs, and many more for 24.99 right now. Free shipping as well.

kingmushroom2040d ago

omg nice, i don't have to go camp it outside of best buy

Agent_00_Revan2040d ago

AC3 for $35 is better then any store has advertised, including Walmart.

Only wish they would've matched the God of War Collection price that Walmart has for $15. I will NOT fight those idiots just for that.

Having a debation about Dishonored. Want to try it out. It's a great price, but I'm already putting of Hitman for a few weeks because of the amount of time AC3 is taking up. And I don't get to play a lot as it is.

Sev2040d ago

Seriously, $25 for Dishonored will be some of the best money you ever spent. It's a really unique game, and an amazing new IP.

sitharrefus2040d ago

Ya Got Dishonored for 25 at Kmart

Horny2040d ago

Ya I rented it and beat it so now I'm considering picking it up again. Great game worth at least two or three playthroughs.

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