Wii U can't transfer data to another Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed that for now there is no way to transfer data between Wii U units. Meaning if you buy another Wii U system for whatever reason, you can't transfer all your DLC, purchased games, etc.

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-Mika-1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

Wow that really bad. So if we get a new WiiU. There won't be anyway for us to download our games or data onto that system.The xbox,ps3 and vita allows us to transfer data between systems so why can't I do the same here. Way to step forward nintendo.

@ Godchild

Im pretty sure that games,dlc and possibly save data might be locked to your account and WiiU. So i don't think you can just put your Harddrive into another WiiU and expect to continue where you left off.

Godchild10201409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

It's a good thing you can download your games from the Eshop to an external HDD. And play them from it. I'm sure it will linked with an account.

eagle211409d ago

Mika.........shut it! :)

PopRocks3591409d ago

3DS didn't start with any sort of transfer options either. Now it does. Whose to say they won't update the Wii U to do the same thing?

DarkBlood1409d ago

well with the account thing i assume you can always redownload on another wiiu should you for some reason even need another one right away

RFornillos41409d ago

if you watched the latest nintendo direct. iwata explained that initially the system will only support one external HDD, and in a future update will support more. and you can transfer data among multiple HDDs. so i'm presuming account data can be backed up to the HDD and transferred later.